In search of the Moomin-Dole

Tofla and Wisla

Chapter in which there Tofla and Wisla, resulting in the hemul and Mumle looking for bed in the pitch dark

Mileage: 74 km | Temperature: +25 (sun)


Polutoralitrovye bottle of water left on the eve of the battle just enough for yesterday's dinner and today's Breakfast.
That's just to wash had drip irrigation.
The morning was particularly clear, how much successful there was a Parking lot.
The tent was not to be seen on either side.

Nelina mood improved slightly after a meal. It couldn't even spoil the next tick.
Making his way through the grass on the road, it tsepanul his feet. Maybe it happened a little early.
In any case, to one he had already slightly. Again it went screwdriver and a moment of hesitation in the movement has been eliminated.

Directly across from our island of greenery at the curb was sticking out runic stone with red flowery writing.
In Sweden full of these stones.
Everything in the world was found about 5000 runic inscriptions, 3000 of them in Sweden!
As we drove through the province Apland(Upplanda) - the richest in the sense of runic inscriptions of the area.

Runes — the alphabet of the ancient Germans. Was used a thousand years ago on the territory of modern Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Iceland and Greenland, and in the Swedish province of Dalarna until the XIX century.

Runic inscriptions were cut or carved on metal, wood, stone.
Runic inscriptions were of very diverse content to meet various magical inscriptions and appeals to the gods, but for the most part, the runes were written memorial inscriptions
They could for example be said that thorbiorn skald or skald Grim carved these runes. In other cases, runescape could be priests or monks.

The town of Orsundsbro(Orsundsbro) the name of which indicates the presence of the bridge local attractions we drove without stopping.r /> The day was quite hot and Nelia for once decided to sunbathe.
Vacation went out of her course in this respect useless. She constantly wrapped herself in different clothes and covered with goosebumps instead of a bronze tan.
About bathing, I do not speak for all the time Mumia did not dare to dip their bodies in Northern waters.
Therefore, warm day was a godsend.
Idyllic deserted rural lanes in this part of Sweden was allowed to go completely naked.

For a couple of hours we overtook three cars and we in turn get the big mower.
Such vehicles often seen on roads of Scandinavia - they cut the curb with a huge shaving of the cassettes mounted on the crank rod.
Of course in the construction of roads has provided a gentle bevels on the sides.
Why is that presented themselves as in the depths of this thing, along with grass kromsaya and dismembered hundreds of roadside mites. And this thought brought a certain satisfaction.

Soon our tandem went on the road near the bridge across the Bay of lake mälaren called Holy Ulf.
Then the road is bifurcated.
Originally I had planned to go to Stockholm via Sigtuna - one of the old capitals of Sweden.
And so we crossed the bridge. The sun was so hot that I wanted to rest using close to the water.
So I'm not opposed the request of my girlfriend.
We drove off the highway and stopped on the shady side of the lake.
Where he spent an hour and a half in slumber and razrulivaniya knee-deep in the cool water.
I still decided to take a dip. Vigor wave immediately covered my body.

So relaxed that Nelia has asked me to go along the water.
Well, those old cities - we'll just have to sunbathe she said.
Looking ahead to say that sunbathing, we never had a chance.
And Sigtuna have not looked)

No sooner said than done. Back on the bridge back.but and drove along the coast of Mälaren in the direction Balsta(Balsta).

Towns there already is stuck tight and sometimes merge into a single residential conglomerate.
But bike paths are laid properly.
But far - again I saw her near Kungsangen(Kungsangen), where the city beach is located in the direct vicinity of the road.

It was late afternoon and cost to attend to the bed. Here the population density was so high that this problem doesn't seem so easily solvable.
I focused on the icons of the beaches on the map. The trouble is that everything we saw was constructed in the city and does not fit for camping.
The same about the place was the beach in Kalhalla(Kalhall)
In addition, nearby there passed the railway and only a narrow strip of trees separated it from the lake shore.

While we are in some indecision was wondering what to do next, standing near the water, they appeared.
Two peasants with a typical appearance-obsessed preachers.
Saw us with Neleus - such beautiful and stately, like the centaurs in the sunset.
And flew the soul to heaven.

First, they took keen interest in who we are and where.
And then tried to convert us to their faith.
Of course, he communicated mainly with them, Nelia.
I only silly smiled and sometimes profound to say their favorite word "OK"
It was possible to create the appearance that I'm fine, too:)

One of the cultist was clearly in charge.
His name was Stan and he was originally from Norway.
He spoke with power and very confident.
The second Swede Magnus was apparently a novice smiling and silent.
He nodded his head, occasionally whispering under his breath prayers, and covered themselves with signs.
As it was inconvenient from them saying that slow us down.
The more understanding that they are not just citizens, and advocates of what the Lutheran Church did not come immediately.
And the boys had to engage in a dialog.
Side of course it was fun to watch the antics and speech of these typical characters, whom we have in Russia now a dime a dozen.
Makes you wonder about the origins of this conviction people than that.
And of the faith itself and its variations.
In fact, faith accepts his extreme view of insanity.
When the human brain is filled with only one clock and is able to assert others hammered someone psevdostile.

In General they took us half an hour approximately.

I have the procedure simply to make a farewell gesture and movement.
Walls again and again, fervently exhorted us in something.
We wish health and all the best from God.
And said ask him for us the best place to sleep which you can think of.
So we did not doubt - so be it.
Hardly said goodbye to clingy masters.

Further in the course of our movement was listed by woodland and there I expected to fall overnight.
The array was Oksala Park Gorvalns naturreservat
We stopped briefly at the booth with his scheme.
The scheme had two beaches here - one directly at the entrances of houses around and I immediately dismissed and the second had yet to go.

Twilight deepened. On the Central Avenue of lit lanterns.
The terrain was very hilly like as we have on the side of the river of Ufa, where the ski-run.
So quietly we Neleus gained altitude and moved away from the lake in a vertical and horizontal plane.
Had to turn the alleys on the side of the trail and rely on intuition.

It was quite dark. We were surrounded by dense forest and the light of our lamps is not very easy.
We shied away somewhere in the hills and no access to water was not visible.
Once I ostavili Nel one, tried to Wade down to the water, but came back with nothing and in addition barely found her friend.
She's nothave runiche vengeance.

Finally ran into some gate with a sign and wire fence and crossed a red warning about something around.
The path beyond the gate led down and he spit on all pratissoli great in a narrow doorway and rolled down, Bouncing on the roots.
Soon the descent was over and the forest thinned.
Ahead loomed an open space meadow.
Darkness by the time was decent. There was no moon.
Then Nelia softly shouted at me, showing in the direction of the edge.
There in the darkness glowed a few pairs of someone's eyes closely watching the movement.
Flashed a stupid idea - what if there is a kennel with what some wolves and a sign warned that to come here is impossible.
Now it sounds funny, but then it was a little creepy.
Night, the ominous silence and the glowing eyes of animals up close.

However, it turned out to be deer.
I even tried to shoot them, but the power of my flash of course is not enough.
Soon on the way revealed the outlines of buildings.
Straying in the Park, we went to the castle
Well castle says it is certainly loud, really just a nice mansion.
To see it in detail was not possible, and I will bring his photo from the website dedicated to the reserve.

Reserve Gorvalns located on the shore of lake mälaren.
In the reserve a few genuine pearls and Gаseborg is one of the finest and best-preserved ancient castles in the surroundings
Now it is a Museum, a conference hall and café.


Around the mansion was divided into a regular Park.
We all happily slipped and went finally to the water.
The trail led not to a small Peninsula.
Weary travelers rushed there and lo and behold! on its end revealed a specific platform with a table.
Look for more of did not make sense - and then fell.
To clear my conscience a little I rode around the Peninsula on and found a few sites, but with a less smooth surface.

Had dinner by the light of lanterns - but with comfort. At a table overlooking the dark lake surface.
Here and laugh then over preachers.

I don't really know who actually brought us to this great place.
A Matter Of Faith!