In search of the Moomin-Dole

A marathon in the pouring rain

Chapter in which Mumia wears a yellow Jersey, and Hatifnats rash relies on electronics

Mileage: 125 miles | Weather: +17 (rain)


Slept the first night very bad. Prevented the wind repluse our tent.
Interfere companions snoring which manipulates not in unison.
And the tent Salewa Andrew that we set in order to save space and time, was in my opinion not very comfortable.
I'm used to the comfort of the two platforms in your Peplum.

In General, woke up in the morning like all night the bags shipped.
The weather is not particularly pleased - it was cool and overcast.
Wind blew the clouds around.
Lake Saimaa noisy prickly surly surf.
However, while we were going the sky is a bit faded.

Andrew got his Navigator and we set off.
Far had as our Navigator had his first crash with his vehicle.
While the most innocent - puncture of the camera.
Though Andrew later insisted that the blame Mumla - she's a little ride on his bike and so began all the trouble with his bike.
It is human nature to look for excuses and coincidences to various incidents.
So secretly, everyone wants to explain to others and yourself the cause of the incident.
Although, as experience shows, the root of the problem, we must first look at yourself.

Andrew immediately nuzzled gps Navigator and what track they scored there in unforgettable times.
We had to go to Kotka, there to meet the fourth member of the little my.
Although if not for this unfortunate fact, the disease Julia before the start , I would prefer to go to Turku on their own without turning to the coast.But there was no choice.

As they say, man proposes and God disposes.
And he soon arranged for us again. So much so that its location cost Andrew some remorse and spending money later.

The Lord has revealed to us in the way of the main road on which we had under the plan to move forward.
Repair this proved to be extremely ambitious. That forced us to look for detours.
Hope that will be possible to correct the deviation and return to the track melted away with every mile.
Andrew silently staring at the screen of your device put of the pedal.
But a dirt road led us inexorably to the South and never wanted to turn.
Somewhere for dinner, it became clear that Susanin has provided us with excellent hook that had yet to pass.

If not for this unfortunate circumstance could not survive.
Because the beauty of the places travelled and smooth forest track is able to fix even the worst mood.
On the way met a lot of berries on the roadside.
We are not proud Finns.
We dismount and eat on the gifts of nature is simple enough and enjoyable.
Especially for Nely.
Sometimes it seemed that in Scandinavia it pleases only the opportunity to eat any growing withmini.
No forest,no lake, no pleasant pedaling for refined tireless Finns of the area is not particularly pleasing to her.
Maybe she just kept my admiration to myself and stony expression gave no raging passion inside.

And the forests in Scandinavia is very remarkable.
Forests occupy more than two-thirds of the country.
Finland ranks sixth among the world's largest manufacturers of paper and cardboard and second place for exports, behind only Canada.

The Finnish forest is growing rapidly thanks to the warmth of the Gulf stream and the long daylight in the summer.
At the same temperature and at the latitude of Moscow, it provides better tree growth, they Mature faster, so to speak.
And then the period of active growth gives way to winter.
These cycles and createtons of wonderful timber that is so valued in the world market.

Logging in Finland is also not typical.
A feature of the local forest is selective logging.
If Russia or Canada mainly practiced clear cutting in Finland cut down some trees on the plot, and often just individual trees in a specific pattern.
Due to this, the forest remains healthy, clean and transparent.
The remaining trees grow well and are rapidly gaining biomass.

After cutting almost not lost a single piece of wood.
We several times saw stockpiled and prepared for shipment heap of uprooted stumps.

Also in Finland there is an active promotion of forest protection among the population.
As a consequence, the world's highest rate of return of recycled paper over 70%!!!

Here who remember when he was in Russia last time handed over the paper?
Probably only those whose school grew up in the Soviet times when it was required and put on stream.
Or at least someone will remember a time when the book was of real value, and their acquisition was also driven by delivery of paper.

Now I do not even know - whether there are points of reception in Russia.
And hundreds of tons of Newspapers advertising , packaging and so ineptly rot in the landfills of the cities of our country.

The pastoral landscape of rural Finland succeeded one another. When the bike computer showed 80 of kilometers traveled, the weather according to Scandinavian wont deteriorated sharply.
The beginnings nakrapyvat a rain.
Knowing that it will not stop ,had to stop and take preventive measures to protect their bodies and belongings from the all-pervading celestial waters.

Only in his first voyage across the expanses of Sweden, I was not ready to such turn of events.
Since then, nature has taught PRwrong approach. When you go wet from head to toe is not conducive neither to health nor mood. This is especially true of the feet.
To protect different body parts of the cyclist from rain invented lots of things.
For body coat with a hood for the feet - Shoe covers.
And that's just the waterproof pants thing is contradictory.

Not to pass water use of membrane fabric.
And this fabric is relatively heavy and doesn't pass not only water but also air. When pedaling the working part of the body and legs.
Placed in a closed space such windproof waterproof pants legs covered with water from the inside.
To put it simply to go in these pants any longer time very hot.
And although protection from the water in their height, but still go wet, not outside so from the inside.

Having by that time a lot of waterproof clothing, I stopped for myself at an intermediate version accidentally purchased in St. Petersburg three years ago, the pants of the Italian company Sportful, with taped inside seams.
They were made of thin and very soft fabric microshell, which of course was leaking water in contrast to the membrane tissue.
But very quickly dried up, have good ventilation and absolutely do not interfere with the pedaling.
In these pants I can safely walk even in warm weather all day, not sweating.
They can be worn on bare skin or if it's cold, then over the long valorados.

A few years later I wanted to update them.
But anywhere else in Russia, I did not find them.
And only thanks to the help of Sergei Laishevskogo from the company PIK-99 recently (after the trip) I won the second of these pants.
To the great disappointment of the fabric of this instance proved to be quite different than the first - it was similar to membrane tissues.
But I'll tell about it later in a separate article devoted to test news waterproof velbruck PIK-99 kindly sent to me by Mr. Ladewski for the sample.

The same outfit was at the View. But Andrew deserves a separate discussion.
He traveled through these places for the first time and apparently the dog ate on his own experience

His outfit is just Eulogy of the German firm Saliva!
Embodied in colored material.
As the jacket he used some oversized long hoodie dirty yellow color, in appearance something between a priest robe and tunic and a Spartan warrior.
And so it is not too fluttered at the movement girded the soldier's wide belt.
However, this helped only partially.
Hoodie inflated by the wind and Andrew in the back resembled a fat nasusea blood bug.

It was absolutely impossible without laughter to go behind it.
Even the ever-surly Nelia and then smiled looking back Hatifnatten.

On the head Andrew used a waterproof running hat with numerous holes that allow you to freely move the water and not accumulate in the area of the brain that was extremely important given his leadership and guidance

This was combined with a couple of different colored covers, low slung on the backpack.
They were originally meant for other things and was prisobachit only thanks to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our friend.
Had membrane pants, apparently made with the latest technology, because it merged with his body no matter how you look you could see were my bare feet

In Finland as in other Nordic countries a common resting places around the track throughout the process.
Usually such places are settling near what landmarks or bodies of water.
The complex usually consists of open benches, sheds, toilets and the ICCornah tanks.

The rain has rather dampened our bodies on the outside, and with it came cooler inside when we reached the place with the expressive title Hujakkala (Hujakkala)
And therefore simply could not drive past a Parking lot located near lake Suurijarvi a Couple of shelters with tables was nobody busy.
Under one of them we decided to eat and to dry a little.
Andrew was very active in preparing hot soup from the day before bought the Finnish concentrate, for which he as they say respect and uvazhuha

The next hour we spent indulging in gastric pleasures.
Hot beneficial spread over the tired water treatments veins, lifted the mood and gave impetus to further advance to the South.
And alcohol in this situation were not the last backup.
About this little impromptu picnic left very pleasant memories.


It was one of those occasions when the full taste and value of food for humans.

Get out of the rain broke, but the trumpet called us to exploit.
And we couldn't resist its call.

After another hour our glorious Trinity made up of the route Petersburg-Helsinki.
In fact, we are almost back to the border with Russia, only close to another underlying transition välimaa, cat-Defanovka.
Deviation from the planned route was about 30 km away.
The track at this place is remarkable only toilets are growing like mushrooms on the roadsides for the waiting queue at the border of dalnoboyschikov.
Along the route to the town of Virolahti was a bike path. Through it we went at first.

Meanwhile, the rain spurred with doublingth force.
Water flowed in earnest, flooding the us for most tomatoes.

Nelia was beginning to get tired.
So it is a lot of pedal for the first time in my life.
Sulked at me and Andrey but no one showed.
On the contrary, the anger gave her strength, and she, ahead of both of us, escaped far ahead.
Later saying that they wanted us to first died on the track:)
It would certainly be unlikely to happened, but the theoretical possibility of such a triumph over the two insolent men drove Mullu forward better than any stick.

Andrew pledged Nele hot shower.
But the kilometer has replaced the mile, and on the horizon is not something that the camping even none of the filling is not drawn. Gas stations began for her in this campaign boundary points, beacons, heat, light and hot water.
Nelia moved from one filling to another, each time comforting themselves with the thought that somewhere up ahead it will certainly be a haven of repose from the hateful bike.
Of course, I exaggerate a little, but only a little:)
Got to give her credit she rode surprisingly firmly.
And whining is typical of many not-too-prepared for the Cycling women from it is not heard at all.

But this time, Providence would not take pity on the sodden travelers.
So Makar, we had to travel another 30 kilometers down Yes Hamina. And already at the track.

Scandinavian rain is rarely very strong. But it is continuous and omnipresent. It seems to be flowing on top of God knows what, and all pretty wet.
And pouches on the backpack and not end save.
Water, like presreve the laws of physics, creeping in the cold, wet snake.
So they had some items inside the backpack is also wrapped in plastic.
And Andrew was even special bags to protect from moisture.


When the forces of the sunYoh was running ahead loomed a sign of the camping.
And rain, as in mockery when it is not particularly necessary, stopped.

After 7 km we entered the territory of camping "Hamina" is located near the town Vilniumi (Vilniemi) on the banks Suomenlahti (now fitting to call the Gulf of Finland).

Camping was just huge covering an area of more than 8.7 acres of land, which is a comfortable, connected space for RV, tent sites and comfortable cabins.

Andrew had a wide knowledge of the English language and went to chat with the natives for the reception of the camping.

The issue price was as follows - € 12 per person when installing tents.
And 12 Euro for an hour in the sauna.
Bask was necessary.
And if Andrei had bit of Finnish liquor and that calmed down, then, with our lady this number is not rolled.


The campsite was quite full.
A place where undersupply we wanted to put the tent was next to the motorhome what is fat and extremely vociferous compatriots (although the fact that they expressed themselves in Russian does not mean anything)
Despite the fact that it was already late in the evening these gentlemen resembling companions were laughing loudly, swearing, and generally behave as if alone in the woods.
And then here is such individuals and the impression about the nation.

The strength to beg or to argue there was no -- we had covered that day, more than 120 km in extremely adverse weather conditions.
In my shoes sloshing in wet socks.
Nelia was like a disheveled bird for a long time spent in captivity.
And Andrew was like the clouds slowly crawling across the darkening sky.
So I had to change the location, standing next to the houses of the Scandinavians, which is not usually seen and not heard.

Abandoning their belongings in the tents, we gallopOhm rushed to the sea.
The sauna was located right on the water.

Frankly I do not like to soar their bones, but that day got probably the greatest pleasure in life from this.

Raskochegaryas, I even went out with the purpose to plunge into the waters of the Bay. However, he changed his mind.
Was quite cool and the Baltic sea raged in earnest.
To climb in the pitch dark coastal rocks in the waves immediately got sick.

Body with a touch of smoke flowed pairs.
I stood on the sand and watched, transfixed, into the distance.
The feeling of eternity the outside world come in moments like that.

"He stood at the water's edge and watched the surf.
There was the sea - his sea - wave after wave crashing onto the shore, desperately foaming, furiously raging and calm.
It felt completely alive from the tips of the ears to tip of tail.
It was a moment full of life."

Soon our time is up and after us in the sauna came two Scandinavian girls.
Andrew faintly sighed.
It's hard to be a responsible man.

After the Finnish sauna the sleep came almost instantly.
Just the head was able to touch the ground in our nylon home, as ever smailis and consciousness flew to a country where there are no earthly problems and where our desires are always equal to our opportunities.

"Moomin Troll was lying on a rock and looked at the sky.
He could no longer think about my sea horse. When he tried, I saw two sea horses, two laughing young sea horses that looked exactly like each other.
They just jumped in the sea up and down until his eyes were not tired of it.
They are becoming more and more so that Moomin Troll had not worked to count.
He just wanted to sleep and be left alone."