In search of the Moomin-Dole

Gates in Incredible and Possible


"I put aside the pen with which he wrote his memoirs, confident that wonderful time of adventure in spite of everything is not over - because that would be pretty sad.
Let everyone deserves respect Moomin Troll will think over my feelings, my courage, common sense, my virtues, and possibly of my nonsense (if it is not decided to gain mind-mind in my own experience)..."

Tove Jansson
"Memoirs of Pope Moomin-Troll"


That came to an end my three-month work.

Time inexorably carries us through the year. In my childhood days flowing very slowly and everything seems huge and important.
But every year the running time is speeding up.
Sometimes I think the world in which we now live, no longer belongs to me.
The fact that I was familiar and which I loved, there was no Internet and cell phones, people have read and loved paper books.
And this world is not really mine. This is the world of new young people coming to replace the previous one.
It is difficult to judge it good or bad.
It's just a different - with your values, and sometimes lack of them.

But something still remains immutable for centuries.
The eternal tale of good and evil, truth and lies, beauty and ugliness. And that gives us hope.

Tales in which whole sentences become exhortations and guides in the lives of not only children, but also quite adult people.
Because the simple truth is always better subtly convey to perception with humor and smiles

I hope I managed to convey my story all the things I planned to say.
You weren't bored and wanted to empathize with the heroes of Cycling.
Well, if you ever smiled while reading, so I just tried not to wonder.
Life is quite a bit of that for usteaseme matters .

"Every word is true! Perhaps only something exaggerated..." said one of the characters in the Moomin-Dole.

After 1979, Jansson never wrote a Moomin book.
"I couldn't, I returned again to find the happy Moomin valley", she said.

In 2001, the death touched the writer and she will never return to us and Shine his warm smile our callous and gloomy world.
But her smile is embodied in fairy tales.
And stayed forever!
Smile often and you!:)

Generations succeed each other, someone dies and someone is born.
And only every spring returns, sniff and the sun once again rises over Mumm-Dol...