Peregrinos on bicicletas

The Bay of Biscay



In the morning we moved towards the coast and the Bay of Biscay. It turned out that Cangas local aquatic center of tourism, so a few kilometers we were driving past the houses where everywhere below are companies offering rental canoes and kayaks are, respectively, the delivery and all the additional equipment for "white water". But our way is different in the mountains.


Began the long ascent to the pass, and the weather was humid and warm. Everyone rode at their own pace, the first as always went the leaders of the Ilya and Andrew, then Tanya, and then we with Olga, alternately overtaking each other, and sometimes gathering wild strawberries, and then everybody else. So with jokes, rhymes we reached the beautiful pass, which was a viewing platform and a tent with Souvenirs and drinks.

The leaders were already waiting for us upstairs, imposingly lounging on the bench,

but only the appearance of the caretaker (that is me) made a change in the painful process of waiting: we started to taste the cider.


In General, overlooking this pass was drinking a couple of bottles of cider.

Waited all participants, even a little, walked and rode from the pass down a beautiful mountain path, throwing off the entire height, "acquired by overwork"...


In the town staged a dining feast.

And after lunch the rain moved in the direction of the city of Gijon (Gijón).

In General, if you have enough imagination, then the name of Gijon (Gijón) becomes consonant with the name of another city which is in France - Dijon (Dijon). I remember that we even asked someone in the city - not in Dijon whether we. We laughingly said that to the Dijon more than 800 kilometers.>


In my opinion, this was the day I complained to the Ilyukha that work in Moscow, I'm leaving at 6pm, and here is to eight have to pedal, and then still prepare dinner, and so on. "People want to leave early?" - and he answered. :)


Today gijón is included in the constellation of the largest cities on the Cantabrian coast. The beautiful curve of coastline allows you to admire the unique pattern created by craggy cliffs and huge boulders, between which nestled a convenient bays with cosy beaches. Rough steep coasts are the main attraction of the area, which is located in gijón.
The geographical location of gijón contributes to the development of tourism. Only half an hour away by the amazing highway separate it from the Ranon airport. The Central part of the coast has the appearance of a vast amphitheatre. A few steps from the centre of gijón is an amazing beach with beautiful sand of San Lorenzo.


Gijón is known for its National Park Covadonga – Cavadonga. For Spaniards it is a sacred altar of the virgin of Cavadonga, which stands at the entrance to the Park.
Under her auspices, in the year 718, General-Christian Pelayo (later the first king of Asturias) won the first great victory over the Muslim invaders. Chapel with the image of the virgin and remains of Pelayo is located in the Cueva Santa cave on a cliff. In summer, a winding path leading to it is always filled with groups of pilgrims and tourists. . Usually come make a wish and throw on happiness a few pesetas into the fountain. There is a legend that if a girl drink in one breath of the seven taps of the fountain a SIP of water, then in the same year married.


Wet, cold, but there. At the hotel normal was not, and wanted to sleep in the tent, so drove to the beach.

It looks like Jijona quay rainy may day.


Gijón was a great port to find a place to camp on the beach I had to go quite a long time. The place we found only 10 o'clock in the evening, in the dark. First we drove to the seafront where a lot of fishing machines. Fishermen cast nets and come check them out.

The place is quite hectic, as the cars comes quite a lot, and the fishermen with flashlights darting back and forth. And at this point we also remembered that we have no fresh water for dinner and Breakfast.

Olga, who before the campaign was never taught Spanish, but the campaign learned a few phrases from me, and the book "Spanish for 15 minutes", however, has taken on the task of communications with the fishermen. After a few minutes chatting with one of the fishermen, she ran up to me and says: "There's one in French says go talk to him." And we went to talk with the French together. It turned out that the fisherman moved from France to Spain many years ago, at the age of ten. I asked if he had any in the car of fresh water for us, and he even returned from their networks, rummaged in the trunk, but found nothing. The fisherman was already headed toward the coast again, but then he probably felt sorry for travelers who, at this late hour remained without water, he came up to us and offered to take us by car to a gas station where we could buy water.

We went with Andrew, I'm to carry on a conversation with the fisherman, he's doing it to protect me and to help haul water. By the way, I remembered a phrase which shortly before heard on Sakhalin: "a Day spent fishing, by the Lord God in life does not count". To maintain a conversation and tried to translate it into French, not sNala, how do you say "doesn't count", instead used the English word count. In General, he didn't understand anything, and as if apologizing, said: - "you know, I left France that are already starting to forget French".



While Andrew went for the water guys were on the beach, almost on the edge, and reached a deserted beach. There and spent the night on the asphalt Playground on the beach. Dinner as always was a lot of delicious, especially Rioja, this time quite elite:


On this day, the group has overcome 90 kilometers.