Peregrinos on bicicletas

Hedgehog in the fog



The next day, due to the fact that I slept at a hotel, got up early, at 7: 30 have Breakfast and back in the rain. I expected that in may in Spain is always Sunny and Paradise. But no! All the same drizzle and fog.


Almost immediately after crossing the motorway, the road went up a long winding road. Go and look out for the next, or Vice versa, the previous loop of his bandmates.

As the rain pours down, giving rise to gloomy thoughts about how in that wet condition to go down (up-it is still hot).


And here in this state we drove to the national Park (Parque Natural de Urbasa y Andía). Right at the entrance to the Park is the tourist office, where, having seen us, frozen immediately invited inside, where fire intermittently fireplaces with real burning hot stove.


We warmed ourselves and tried to dry or, at least, to be heated before use, things. Because of this everyday in the beginning did not pay attention to the small local history Museum, housed in the same room. Then, as the warming, the group spread around the room, getting acquainted with the exhibits.

But all good things come to an end. Came and it's time to say goodbye to gostepriimny Rangers and move on to the victory of communism in the Park. The rain by that time almost stopped, which we were glad because the track map, stuck in the office, promised ground.


Its charm was in the fact that in this weather to be in a place like this. The Park had many beautiful trees, covered with moss, just like in a fairy tale.  


The constant drizzle was forced to protect him. Both for themselves and for backpacks. It looked like this:


The fog was so strong that it could not see even the surrounding rocks. It was particularly disappointing because even the preparation of the route we Ilyukha examined the pictures and decided unanimously that the rocks of this Park are one of the highlights of the upcoming route.

Then moved on, started a dirt track and there were strongly divided. Leaders (Ilya and Andrey) strongly took the lead, behind them somehow managed to keep me, then Tanya and the rest of the participants. A couple of kilometers to the outskirts of the Park took a break in the fog rang bells overfed on the mountain pot of Spanish cows and horses...



In the end, while we all waited in the fog, pretty frozen. But it was enough to descend and leave the Park as it was Sunny, the weather completely changed. To go has become more fun and we all got in Lespin (Lespin).

In this town gave myself a real good lunch, all for 11 euros it included salad, soup, meat and potatoes, dessert, two bottles of wine and water. Spain are such complete meals, and now the owner was really generous. The sun came out, and everyone cheered.

Again moved on, closer to four o'clock and got to the next town, where of the attractions visited the Church of St. John the Baptist, saw the castle and other beautiful buildings.


Drove on and slipped a couple of small towns. Shops everywhere were closed due to the Easter holiday. So the wine for dinner had to buy in some bar. I, as steward, could not leave the team without fault. In fact, it was the first thing that I always cared.

After a total course of 90 miles, finally got to dinner and overnight on the hill in the pines under the power lines. The guys found a nearby wild almond, and half the night nibble sunflower seeds eating delicious gifts of nature. Spent the night in tents.