Peregrinos on bicicletas

La Isla de Arous



... continuation of the previous day.

So, on the island La Isla de Arous is a long beautiful bridge, and behind it starts just Paradise: sand, pine.

This is part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia

This national Park includes the Islands of Galicia, which lies opposite the region of RIAs Baixas (Rias Baixas). It is South-West of Galicia, at the level of Pontevedra (Pontevedra) and Vigo (Vigo). The climate here is milder than in the Northern part of the coast, the Bay is much wider and the banks are reminiscent of the Scandinavian fjords.
Sostavnoi part of a seaside resort Rios Baixas is Rios de Arous the same island.
The coast includes a number of areas knitted from the mouths of the large rivers of Galicia, which is at the confluence of the ocean are the bays of the estuaries with a very jagged coast line. Flowing rivers with their estuaries-bays, offset marine and freshwater form a special biomir. The picture coast from space resembles a hand with 5 fingers. Therefore, there is a legend that the God at creation is a bit tired and leaned his hand on the ground in this place)

RIA de Arous - the largest estuary in the whole of Spain. It was formed at the confluence of the rivers Ulla and Umia.
In the Bay area there are numerous Islands, on one of which we were headed.



Arous island is the only island municipality in Galicia.

In the tourism market of the Galician coast with its granite cliffs and sandy beaches is positioned as a resort area ToSTA-del Marisco (Coast seafood). Subsequently, it became clear the origin of this name)


We tried to get into the far corner of the island that nobody noticed, and ran from the bed, because the whole island is a national Park and camp there.


On the beach and found many shells, such as the time, which they carry on their backpacks pilgrim – the symbol of the Camino de Santiago

Dawn on the island was stunning. And from where I took a huge number of fishermen on boats. Apparently at this time of day here come the shoals of fish.

The fact that as a result of sediment formed by flowing rivers is just the perfect place for all sorts of animals. Since ancient times, there is a thriving production is very appreciated in cooking bivalve shells almejas (almejas) and berberechos (berberechos)and mussels. No less famous for the seaside and its fish - sardine, mackerel, anchovy and anchovies

It is not surprising that early poured so many fishermen. Well, someone probably dropped a dime on us.

We drove up to the local fishery, and said that Parking on the island, Prohibido, that is prohibited. We said, "Okay, now leave." Slowly ate the porridge and went.

Why I think in Russia we not so easily got rid to), And certainly the porridge leftovers.


After some time we stopped to eat ice cream with cookies and coffee in the company of metal musicians.


The whole day pedaled up and down, up and down. No, so perhaps that was the day I complained Ilya, I'm leaving from work at six, and here you will pedal up to eight.

Spent the night on the meadow, which grew mint, and it was near the Creek. Of course, we were afraid that we'll run again, but this time nothing happened.

The run was again good – 95 kilometers.