Peregrinos on bicicletas

The rain people and tapas



Woke up in my cozy shelter under the bridge, a leisurely Breakfast and a little celebrated Easter. The bridge shielded us from the rain. But there is nothing, I had to leave as we tried to delay this moment. And we drove off in the rain.

We reached the town of San Jose (San Jose),they tried to find somewhere to eat, because when it's cold and raining, I'm hungry doubly. And besides, I really wanted any excuse to wait out the rain. But all the restaurants were crowded, we hypothesized that due to Easter.


In the end, he went to the bar, which was only a tAPAS (tapas) – different snacks. Do tapas in Spain is any appetizer, served in the bar to beer or wine. Historically, snack (a piece of bread or ham) it was decided to put on the supplied beaker or a jug of wine (closing its contents from flies and dust). But when, according to the decree of king Alfonso X of Castile, was ordered in any restaurant to serve it to the soldiers without fail, in addition to wine and a free appetizer (so that soldiers are not unnecessarily drunk), the sharp-witted traktirschika began to make serving these free meals maximum small. Since then the tradition of such food-snacks. Tapas little dish, but if they take more, it is possible to get enough.

In the pub we went already pretty wet, we took on the whole team the whole room with a large table, and slowly began to tuck into the tapas, drinking their tea and wine at the same time.


But we didn't want to get out again under the rain! However, Ilya was adamant, ahead of us was waiting for the route, and almost in the pouring rain we drove on.


Soon from the Basque Country we entered to province Navarre. Navarre is a mixture of history of the ancient medieval Kingdom, beautiful landscapes, peaks Pireneev, wonderful climate and cultural traditions.


A little should be said about the history of Navarre, as many associate it with king Henry of Navarre with France and not with Spain. The first king of Navarra, which has reliable news, was Sancho Garcia (reigned 905-925 years). King Sancho III the Great (reigned 1000-1035 years) managed to seize the North of the Iberian Peninsula, but as a result of partition of the country between the heirs of Navarre was no longer a connected site
In 1076-1134 years Navarre subordinate to Aragon, and in 1234 became a vassal of the French king: the king of Navarre was a French count. In 1285-1328 years of the king of France was both the king of Navarre. With 1328 Navarre regained its ruler — the French count. For a long time the kings of Navarre were Earls of the Bourbon dynasty.
In 1512 Upper Navarre was conquered by Ferdinand of Aragon and incorporated in Spain. The territory of Lower Navarre remained a Kingdom until 1589, after which it was absorbed by France in connection with the fact that the king of Navarre, Henry Bourbon became the French king Henry IV. Over time, the name Navarre was fixed only for its southern part, which became a province of Spain.

The rain subsided only in the evening. And in the evening we drove to town in Navarra - Altsasu (Alsasua), where he spent the night in a small hotel.




In the garage, where we left the bikes, were seen solid stock of Navarre wine, from which we immediately agreed to buy the owner a few bottles. </p>

Despite the fact that the Navarran wine is not so fine, like Rioja, but we did not yet know, and persuaded one bottle of Andrew together before dinner. And because of this in mind we have not got hot water.

In fact, in terms of wine tasting route was laid out perfectly: first, the average taste, in General relatively modest Navarran wine, then a delicious Rioja, then I have to mention the cider, although this is not wine. And we will conclude in Sunny Porto, where port wine is flowing, and the grapes are amazingly sweet.

A small group we got to explore a nearby bar, and stayed there for dinner. Here for the first time I tried an amazing drink - Apple cider. In Spain, unlike other places where I drank cider, it poured with a minimum height of arm and a little less than half a Cup, so he foamed and filled with oxygen. This cider is even better. In this way the spillage of the drink of it is usually poured on the floor or on the table, so in institutions - sidreria, there is a persistent smell of cider. In places decently to pour cider use a variety of tools, here it was a special attachment on the bottle with a button.

Navarre, and indeed the whole of Spain, is famous for its varied cuisine, but in our bar for dinner was just fillettes, it is very tasty meat with garnish and salad.

To this day, despite the rain, we managed to overcome 85 km.