Peregrinos on bicicletas

The Picos De Europa


And again the group was divided, first in two, then three. But I'll start in order. In the beginning the story on behalf of the author - Natalia.


So, our leaders Andrey and Ilya pulled on unpaved passes, and I decided this time to tag them, and even due to the fact that the weather wasn't very good, cloudy. But I took Andrew's tent, thinking to carry it on the passes it will be inconvenient. And then ten times regretted it, later you'll understand why. And so we drove with the boys in quite a relaxed pace, doing a lot of photos, because our way lay along a very large picturesque lake, and Tanke, in which the camera was with us quite boring. She kept trying to get us to adjust, but it was useless.


On these pictures you can easily judge how happily we spent time.


By the way, the name Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) comes from the fact that vessels coming from America to Europe, the first thing visible was these mountains.


On one of the most beautiful descents we stopped by the most beautiful view and decided that it certainly deserves such a beautiful view to eat sausages and we stopped for a snack. I wish I had some wine, I admit that this is my fault, as caretaker.

So we drove on, despite the rain, enjoying the amazing beauty of the rocks, overcoming the dark tunnels. Rain had to hide under the roof, where usually hide the trash cans. But in the mountains everything is sterile, and therefore, our refuge does not cause us the slightest disgust.

Generally, in the Picos de Europa are preserved rare types flora and fauna: Iberian wolf, Spanish goat, the Cantabrian brown bear, the chamois. But we never met anyone and only mountain scenery were our companions.

Hiding from the rain under the roof, involuntarily turned his thoughts to our heroes, who in this weather stormed ground passes. But this is the story of Andrew.

Along the way we met and we went there to take the next bite, but this bite was not destined to take place.


After a while we drove to the tourist point and got a map of the national Park. Looking at it on our route and on the route that moved our boys, I realized that they were going through the centre of the Park, and we got on the very edge. It was a little sad, and I offered to ride on the dirt road, and not on the pavement along the river, as was recommended to us by Ilya. But in addition to Tanya in this adventure no one agreed, but she said: "You don't think I want to ache, just reluctant to go with cars on the pavement."

It is worth noting that all the way Tanya it ached, almost trailing the leaders, all slides moved along with them. I was for it to not keep up sometimes. Now you understand the irony of the situation.

So, okay, then we went together, leaving alfalit, rushed upstairs, down the dirt road, which kept winding up and down.

First we went. Then Tanya went on foot, after some time already and I jumped off his iron horse and started to push it up. That's where I remembered about the two extra pounds of tent.

The forest was just fantastic, the trees covered with moss, had a look, as if they were at least years pyatsot.


Then the road began to go mostly down, we breathed a sigh of relief and went back on bikes, enjoying the technical gravel descent.

Along the way nAshley wild garlic, and identified her by smell. Tanya offered to recruit her, then to make the salad. At the same time, I met a man with two children. The kids asked why we collect the grass. We explained that it was wild garlic. The man spoke good English and was able to explain it to them.

We went on the road to the right at the next intersection, turned left and it was our mistake, actually in this place we had to go to the right. Now the bike had to push up constantly. Besides, the rain started. We walked and walked and rested in the pasture. Here the road ended. Tanya offered to take a shortcut and go without the road down below to go to the river. I say "No, because you never know what will rest in the mountains, and where the path will end. No way – no way."


Then we turned back to the village and decided that we already travelled a lot on the dirt road in the pouring rain. Weather did not improve so we decided to get back on the asphalt. From there to the town of Cangas de onís (Cangas de Onis), where we were supposed to meet with Andrew and Ilya, it was another 30 kilometers. It was pouring rain without any prospects to the end. And, although there seem to be pubs where it would be possible to sit it out, we tangkou began to ache. The road along the river was very beautiful, left and right towered the cliffs. I reminded Tanika about her idea to come down from the pasture with no road, and we laughed at how rested would be in these 50-60 foot cliffs.


We drove and drove until I saw one of the taverns familiar bikes. We went and found our children: Julia, Olga, Anton and Igor. What we were all wet! Began to dry, warm, drank tea and food in the pub at this hour, of course, was not. Had to settle for canned fish with bread.

But Tanya still felt a little geroami.

The rain subsided slightly, and we went to Cangas de Onis to find a hotel and wait for our mountain heroes. Andrey and Ilya came in the half-ninth evening, wet, tired, but happy.

Decided to make a small feast for dinner at a local restaurant. As drinks to dinner was a delicious cider.

I have this day turned out to be 80 miles, Andrei and Ilya – I think that more than a hundred.

Listen to the story of Andrew:

"We first started when everyone else was zasobiralis. At first the weather was very decent, and the first kilometers we travelled by the sun, which was trying to break up quickly in the morning chill. Quickly gaining miles and gradually rose higher and higher into the mountains, the road was asphalt, though not perfect. Well, finally the branch on pass.

The road to the pass began with a very steep rise of ground. At this moment it began to rain.
Well, to do, we went higher and higher and reached the pass. On this plateau, on which we drove about a kilometer, photographing beautiful peaks that opened our eyes.
And down again! A winding dirt trail passed by huge herds of sheep and goats, which were guarded by a surly sheepdogs, which once we arrived, immediately began to bark viciously, as if to say - "Go to hell, the strangers, will not let you steal our goats or sheep!".

But since we were not going to do anything like that, we peacefully passed the surly and rushed down. As the rain was getting stronger, in the mind constantly flashed the thought of the medicine Cabinet, left the main group and, accordingly, that it is necessary to go carefully, especially my Marathon Supreme.

Well, nothing worked slicks with dignity, never any problems has not arisen, despite the relatively high rate of descent. Flew down for a long time, enjoying the views and beautiful groves around...

SNova had to pass by the herds, this time with the dogs they had to face closely, for they stood on the road. There's fun - a huge cattle dog greeted me at the entrance to the herd, accompanied on the way to the end of the herd, to make sure I didn't put in your bottomless pockets no kid, he barked in farewell, and disappeared in the fog...

Finally went down to the village of Cosgaya, which left on the pavement, on which we had to roll to the next pass... so, the first stage is finished. Here again the weather smiled on us with generous Spanish sun, so we managed a little to dry and warm up after a quick descent...

Then the track went along the river Ride on the pavement about 6 km from the village of Espinama, where began the road to the second, higher pass. When turned, the first half hour I had only one thought - as well, no longer with us no one went! The climb was so steep that in many places it was possible to pedal standing up on 1:1. If was lost in the large stones, which in abundance were bombarded with this "way with improved coverage", and had to come off, stagnates in the pedal and start again to turn was impossible. Had to keep the iron horse "on the bit" to a certain wypracowania, which only was possible once again to jump into the saddle.

In General, recruitment was very difficult. Gradually happened from 2 things - the road became completely dirt and poured a strong rain. I was at that time somewhat behind Ilyukha and caught up with him just some dilapidated buildings (I think the former stables), where he waited out the rain and waiting for me. Ate a Snickers - and again in fight! And here we are on a plateau! The views are just awesome, but this is all, of course, slightly lubricated by the strongest rain and cold wind, which I started to beat natural shaking!


I also found that I have nearly falls right handle brake, decided that I need to change brake pads before descending. Ahead, almost on the pass, there was some structure, like the spot where we squeezed with Ilyukha. First, of course, decided to eat, and completely destroyed all of our reserves. (That's gluttons! - Approx. author)


Satisfied stomach, started bike. Changed the pads, but it's not much help, the problem was, as we understood, it was in bad pumped the brake. This is still nothing to do, we could not, so that, gathered the courage, got back into the rain and flew off as I could with the weather and the soil with huge puddles, down.
The rain was so strong that my GPS (Garmin 60CSX) at some point got wet and passed out. Thank God, soon appeared at the bottom of the structure and we saw a cafe. It was jam-Packed with addresses on multiple turistbussar, but we found a spot in the corner and sat, warming up with hot tea and trying to dry soaking wet clothes. About an hour later I found the strength and drove on.
Actually, we had all the time to roll down. After half a mile after the stop we drove past the interesting and beautiful plant which was stopped for a few moments to snap pictures - and down again. We waited for the Kangas and the guys! But almost at the entrance from Ilyukha broke a wheel and some time we lost changing the camera. But then, again leaping into the saddle, quickly drove to the town centre, where just met coming out of our hotel. "