Peregrinos on bicicletas

On the edge of the ocean



The Story Of Igor:

The morning was Sunny. Light came in through wooden blinds on our window. I went to the balcony. Vianna was nothing like yesterday's dead cold and deserted city. She began to play with bright colors of a summer morning. The red tiled roofs of ancient buildings, a chaotic mosaic extended along the river Lima. Fresh clean air filled with aromas of hundreds of taverns and close to the ocean a powerful stream burst inside the body. God how I wish to live by the sea!


Viana is located on the banks of the river Lima. From different angles, Viana do Castelo, surrounded by mountains, sea and river. This port city is the center of the eponymous district and municipality of Portugal. Founded in 1253 by king of Portugal Afonso II.

Vian called "the Princess and the river Lima". The fact that the city built at the mouth of the Lima river, a tributary not far from him in the Atlantic ocean associated with the construction of caravels. Portuguese caravels famous throughout the world. It is from this port for the Portuguese explorers came to make their discoveries!

On the Central square stands a monument, known throughout Portugal. It is a monument to Diogo Alvares Correia (1475-1557), who married his beloved Indian Paraguassu from Brazil and stayed there with her, taking the name of Caramuru.

The streets of the city is rich in beautiful architectural buildings, some of which are over five hundred years. The most famous of them: the House of Mercy, the town hall and graceful granite fountain.
If you go up to the observation deck of the Church of Santa Lucia, which resembles a Byzantine Basilica, you can see a panorama of endless sandy beaches. And immediately thought how cool it would be there with a tent to stand up day! (this is love! -


The city streets are also full of an abundance of expensive mansions.
Ancient square in the Gothic style PACOS do Conselho,the MATRIZ Church, the Church Treasury, and the monastery of Santa Anna, built in the XVI century.
Among the historical architectural monuments of Viana do Castelo preserved ancient city of the Iron age - Citania de Briteiros
And of course the iron road / rail bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel (1887) - connects the two banks of Lima


The weather pleased. But my companions seized the suitcase mood and the proximity of the end of travel set them not on the bike lad.

Andrei and Natasha flew before us and wanted a longer walk on the second largest city of Portugal - Porto. And because they clearly decided from Viana to take the train. To them were soon joined by Anton and Julia. Julia obviously got a bit tired towards the end of the road, though not admitted openly, but hinted at the train.
And only Ilya was full of energy and desire to go on bikes. I only roll out finally to the end of the second week. My feet swelled finally lost over the winter strength - and it meant that I could go arbitrarily long and hard.

Besides, I really wanted to drive along the ocean, which we have seen a couple of times over all the way. Mountains that is good and beautiful, but the ocean.... I was even ready to go alone if he doesn't let his girlfriend without yourself. But my happiness with it was Anton and Illya trusted him the most precious thing he had at the time. Although perhaps even breathed a sigh of relief, but no one noticed)



Leaving a comfortable hotel, we went to the station to see our friends. And soon stayed with Ilya for two. In the good old times four years ago when he was a famous athlete who kept his nose down, muscle was thinner and commanded me though tried).

We waited for a most pleasant stretch of road with a length of 90 km Was warm and the may sun had already started baking bare hands.
We crossed the Eiffel bridge and rushed to the Port. The road was at some distance from the ocean and he was not seen for the forest. And only sometimes, when his side was forked off of the primer, it was possible ragsdell in the distance the water surface.

Wanted to turn around and look with your own eyes on the gorgeous beaches of Viana, but time was running out.


As a result, we turned to the ocean near the city of Esposende, which is located near the Cávado river. In this place of the coast with surrounding pine forests forms the national Park Litoral Norte. Conservation area for the beautiful coastal dunes, as well as birds and fish.



Right on the shore among pine groves awaits with a stay at hotel Axis Ofir .

About it we settled for a short rest. On the opposite side stood two nine-storey towers hotels easier. Actually Portugal is not a rich country and all the buildings reminded Bulgaria of Soviet times - everything is greyish and inconspicuous.

The sky was shrouded in clouds, the beach was empty, but the ocean is beautiful in any weather. At him fascinated, you can look at it long enough, and if not for Ilya, who was in a hurry, I would have lingered longer.


To return to the highway, we did not, and went through the national Park. Its territory is very small and the idea was not to move away from the water as possible to go along it. But it failed. The national Park ended and climbing into the dunes on a wooden footbridge, we realized that way on the bike then no. Besides again began to drip rain. Had to go back a little.



Ilya as usual went his nose to the Navigator. And he led him through the coastal hinterland of Portugal, which differed greatly from the Spanish. A lower standard of living was visible to the naked eye. In addition, unpleasant revelation was that most of roads (excluding main roads) was covered with small square setts, laid with a different degree of irregularities. In the result, the subsequent a few tens of kilometers of walks in the surrounding villages turned into free vibrating ass and everything else that it is hidden. Great just a pity it was.

Following the track of the Navigator we had to go the normal way, but ran into a huge flea market, like our flea markets that infest the 90-ies. Had to dismount and walk to be torn between shopping malls. The corner of my eye noticed that the prices were relatively low even in euros. And this advantage, buying fruit plump mustached Portuguese women.

The market was long and took almost the entire kilometer-long street.

To the ocean again, we approached an hour, when I reached the resort cluster of cities in póvoa de Varzim and Villa do Conde

The road was a chic promenade and if not for the crazy speed of Elijah, who was riding ahead, it would be possible to take some pictures. One city is gradually replaced by another. And riding by the historic buildings and a long aqueduct, we finally decided to have lunch in the Park on the banks of the river Ave. (some ish! - Approx. author)



It originates in the Serra da cabreira at the height of 1200 m. the Length — 85 km, flows into the Atlantic ocean, South of Vila do Conde. Has a number of tributaries. In 2010 the river as a result of dumping of industrial waste was highly contaminated. But to swim in it we were not going, but she was nothing of itself so)

Ilya was sitting on a bench, stretching his legs and, taking a handful of food from the package, smiled mysteriously. Since he shouldered the heavy burden of command that smile constantly wandered to his lips. And it was not clear whether he takes seriously everything that I say to him sometimes.


Dally was impossible - we were in Port. And rolled veltrusy two old friends rushed to meet the sun. The rest of the way to town was unremarkable, except that cut the coastal highway, passing by the largest of Portugal oil refinery, struck.

Or rather not the segment itself , and the factory and its neighborhood with a gorgeous beach, where the rest of many people. No smell or smoke! Sadly remembered our Ufa industrial Park, where no mask is better not to meddle. The sweet putrid smell that often spread along the streets of our city at night when plants do gas emissions. Secretly, meanly, when almost everyone is asleep.


Porto began quietly. And soon, after a few kilometers along the waterfront, we were reunited with all our friends. We again became eight. As in the beginning of a long journey. The circle is closed.