Peregrinos on bicicletas

Poezdatye day



On this day we had shot on the train, and in the end, the day was even more relaxed than the past: we drove only 30 miles on the bike. But in the morning went for a walk at the Leon. The city is more than noteworthy. The day was just fabulous, it was warm and Sunny.

In addition to the main Cathedral of the Gothic Cathedral in león is also the Basilica of San Isidro, built in the Romanesque style, the Casa de los Botines, one of the earliest buildings of the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.

This is the house of Gaudi in Leon:


I have never seen such stained glass in Leon Cathedral. A lot of them, all different, it really beautifies and animates the room, so no need to decorate with gold, as is common in the rich churches in Russia.

The heraldic symbol Leon – purple lion with claws and a Golden crown. So the lions in the city, not less than in Saint Petersburg.


Walk through the old town also brought us new discoveries. For example, a modern statue of a bull, hanging on the crane.

Train station Leon is quite far from the centre.


The next day we had to go to the national Park Picos de Europa, so to stay warm there in tents (and last night I was frozen in my thin spallicci), we drove Andrew to the store Forum where I bought a second lightweight sleeping bag. Two sleep warmer and cozier.

After we are all together on the train dominoes to Guardo (Guardo). On the way we indulged in rest and relaxation, and only the head was thought of as better get directions, staying in constant worries about us.

From Guardo drove off tridtsatku and stopped for the night. Along the way Ilya and then pointed to the mountain, slightly covered with snow, and said – "Tomorrow we will go there to die."


Initially, we got to the Parking lot on a beautiful flower meadow, where between the green grass made the way daffodils. Around polanki lay sosnini a lot, and we really wanted for the first time in the campaign to build a fire. We managed to gain quite a large amount of wood, but well, that didn't ignite. The lawn was private property,


and with it we have driven the local people on the machines that belonged to the meadow. They are, however, not just rounded up and asked to move 500 meters further, where there are specially equipped Parking (corral) for the tourists, which even has a table with benches. Here we camped for the night in anticipation of "tomorrow's dying".