Peregrinos on bicicletas

The Charm Of Porto


The day came on 8 may.

The remnants of the once whole group is split into three parts. Andrew and I went on an early train to Porto, Antonio and Julia on a later train, and Ilya and Igor pushed his way.

We with Andrey really wanted to see Porto, but as of may 9 we were already to depart, wanted to come to it early. In the end, we dashed around town 30 kilometers, after seeing almost all the sights:


Roofs of Porto

And, of course, Portanova cellar:


Bridge don Luis built by the French engineer Eiffel in the form of delicate arch (length — 172 m). On two levels, the canvas given to pedestrians, cars and, of course, cyclists.

About Portanova cellars of Porto and the port wine you want to tell apart.

Port is made in the valley of the river Douro, in the northeast of Portugal. That's where nature and climate are such that the summer temperature warms up to 40 degrees, and the mountains hold the wind, so the grapes is sweet, like honey. The Portuguese themselves say about the local climate as "eight months of winter and four months of hell": the brutal cold in the winter and searing all life, the sun in the summer. These months of hell and allow the grapes to gain such sweetness, that it could make port.



In the past young port wines were transported on flat-bottomed river cargo boats with a square sail — "barcos rabelos", in barrels of 550 liters. This perilous ride on choppy waters Douro was necessary in order not to "disturb" the wine perevosmou in wagons on rough roads, and then allow it to ripen in the more humid environment of the river valley.

Now these boats remained on the river only to take the tourists. Yes, and the port is not intended for internal use. A large part of port wine is exported, the rest are bought by tourists.


Went a tour of one of the smaller Portanova houses, deliberately prognozirovat large "pop" Sandeman and other Grahami. Port wine there was delicious, and, as it turned out, you can buy it only from them, in stores, in addition to several boutiques wine, they don't deliver. Understand the distinction between port Reserva, LBV, Vintage, etc. And understood not only theoretically, but also did laboratory work with the organoleptic analysis. After that, the idea that we need to go somewhere, pedaling, or even just go, already not very pleased. In the next cellar where we also decided to drop by, we met with Olga and tankeu, and along came Julia and Antonio. All together we went along the ocean.

I don't remember how I took this photo:

The ocean made a lasting impression. Long waves crashing on the pier.

Already at the cheese castle is reunited with Igor and Ilya.


Hooray, we are back in full force!


This evening we had a farewell dinner together. The next day Andrej and already flew to Brussels from there to get to Moscow. Tanya also flew with us but on a different flight.