Peregrinos on bicicletas

A split personality




The day was Sunny, and the leaders sought to secede from the rest quite a few to reel extra hundred miles through the mountains of the national Park of Northern Spain. The remaining were offered a very short route kilometers of commercials 40-50, just do not remember, do you remember what the mileage I was not satisfied, on the other hand figure 120 scarecrows, scarecrows the prospect to chase leaders on the hybrids, and I began to think about that at all to separate and go alone. No map, no GPS I didn't have, so in the same notebook where I kept marching diary, I drew the route that were going to drive the guys, but marked the place, where you could trim.

However, shortly after the beginning of the movement we are reunited with the leaders and drove the three of us. To be honest, to keep up with two monsters on the hybrids for me, on my bike with small wheels was not easy. The slide tried to go on the legs and on the plains "sit" any of them on the wheel.

I must say that in the end it turned out the most beautiful and most adventurous day of the trek.

First, we got to the canyon and the observation deck. It was pretty high, and as soon as we decided to have a bite and pulled out of backpacks sausage, around started flying large birds of prey - vultures. Some fairly close managed to capture.

After a light snack we drove on and finally brought quickly to the canyon of the river Lobos (Cañón del Río Lobos), which translated from Spanish means canyon of Wolf river. Through the canyon is a great technical primer, and flowing the same Wolf river, through which the matter had to cross the stone bridges. And all around were simply stunning beauty of the cliffs.
Ends canyon exit to the bridge Ochos ojos, which translates as eight eyes.


So, we left the canyon, and then Ilya said that we still have 70 kilometers to the town of San Millán, where we agreed to meet the guys. By the time we passed already 70, and figure 70 scared because the day is drawing toward evening.

But to do nothing, sat in a roadside bar, drank beer and drove off. Became colder, and also the promotion of the route was complicated by a fairly strong headwind in the evening. To facilitate movement a little spin in the air bag behind the tractor until it turned to the side. And we had to move on and fight the wind by yourself.

So we drove through the beautiful mountain road until I decided to catch the car and put it in even me with all the backpacks. The plan was that Elijah and Andrew go on their own, but lightly.

In the car got a Spanish middle-aged couple, they had a huge dog Coco (Coco), husband's name was Pedro. The Spanish were very welcoming, dragged my bike up on the bed, there also threw two dusty backpack and went. The ilyukha they called Superman from Peter, because he wasn't even to catch the car. We caught up with him a little later and also took the backpack.

Took me with backpacks in Salas de los Infantes, planted at the bar Ferrari, and I waited for the guys. I must say, they appeared much sooner than I expected. But even from Salas to the meeting point there were still about 40 kilometers.

Ilya went to San Millan one, and we with Andrey remained in Salas.

In the end, at the end of the day, I have got 95 kilometers (not counting those that came on the car). But mountain miles to go one for two.


Meanwhile, the second half held the most relaxing and leisurely day for the entire trip. We took it slow and from that received a double pleasure from pedalieraniya and the beauty around.


One of the first on the way was a town Canales in our Channel.
There really were a lot of channels through which cross-tech local mountain stream. Quiet old provincial town, with all sorts of ancient artifacts, murals, crosses and Church on the hill. Absolutely serene pastoral atmosphere of the place , where viscous as vaseline time slowly flows forward and where nobody is in a hurry.

We also specially to rush to anything - and therefore the maximum was delayed in the local landscape and physically and spiritually.
The apogee of this was our sumptuous lunch at some roadside eatery where such travellers as we are a rarity.
But the aunty went to all this effort, we prepared a bunch of food with different varieties of meat. After a meal to go quite sick.


However, remembering that I had to buy food for dinner for the rest of you guys - we were looking for something out of the store. But here's the thing - none of priezjaesh settlements did not have them.
Confused, I pulled over digging in the garden of an elderly couple. I don't know if we understand each other - and in Spain very few people speak English - but these people told me the sad news. Shops then he has never been - and all the residents go for groceries in a big city.
But apparently I like that I unsuccessfully explained to me why the store - because these nice people have understood the case as if we are totally hungry. Do they know that only an hour ago we eaten and our bellies wedge bursting with placed in them eatables.
We urgently invited to come into the house, sat at the table and got from the refrigerator fruit, water , bread and meat!!!!
And apologized for a long time that he arrived at his dacha recently and they have no food to give to us according to the Maximmu.
Well, it was uncomfortable and we welled all that we were offered.
You can't ask them to wrap it all with us , in order to feed the poor Ilyukha at this moment furiously pressing on the pedal somewhere in the hundred kilometers away. Our shared vocabulary is not enough to explain it.
Besides, we still cherished the hope to buy food if not in the store , then at least some tavern.
However, neither shops nor taverns that day was no more. Steppe and forest around. Soon reaching the town of San-Millan - discussed points of the meeting were to look for a place to sleep. My favorite occupation) it is something from the gambling. Especially when it happens in populated areas, where to find an acceptable place for real art.


We camp just after dark. Just in case if it is private property and we trample someone's pasture
And waited for the arrival of Elijah. The road in the pitch dark organized an ambush with flashlights to our commander not passed by. I had to wait a couple of hours before in the silence of the night he heard the noise of Bicycle tyres and our friend jumped out of the darkness to the light, somewhat worn, but obviously pleased with his ocheredi megaproblem