Peregrinos on bicicletas

The wine de Port in the Peneda gerês



In the morning Tanya and Olya again left us, now until the end of the trip and headed to Porto, what they got there, by train or by bus – nobody knows. But the girls deserved a break after the pilgrim March. Besides, Olga complained of a cold and weakness. And a strong dislike of the mountains and sweaty passes sent to their foot straight into the citadel of port.

As we drove under its own power on the pass, to eradicate a sense of nedochitannoy. We sought to another country.

Our path lay in a natural mountain Park Pineda Geres.


As soon as we crossed the border of Portugal, as if finally tore from the coils. We stopped at a café to "eat ice cream", and themselves at the same time took a glass of Porto. But how else? It is necessary to begin to try.
First time trying this wine will be surprised by its softness despite the large number of degrees. Portuguese port has nothing to do with the fact that we sell under this name.

The town of Melgaco (Meldaco) was very beautiful, it was a castle and a Church. In Portugal, as it turned out, foreigners will speak more French than any other language. Because when I fell on the bike, unable westegrets of contact pedals, I approached the woman and asked in French, fell I, and me if I needed help.

After Melgaco we drove to the national Park Peneda-gerês (Peneda-Gerês).

Peneda-gerês is one of the most outstanding natural attractions of Portugal. It is the only Portuguese national Park. It occupies the territory from the mountains of gerês in the South to mountain ridges Pineda and the border with Spain to the North. The Park in 1971 g, its area is about 700 km2 of pristine stunning location with winds cut the tops of the mountains and valleys covered with pine, oak and yew forests.

It was just dinner time, and we tried to find a restaurant to eat. We stopped in the restaurant / hotel, which was very unusual, the waiter (who is also apparently the owner) who immediately took over our "education".

At first I tried to speak to him in French, but since I didn't know the word "goat", he disappointedly said: "Well, I'll tell You, if You don't know French."

He then asked me what time it is. In the hall hung a clock, and I was surprised pointed at them, and he said that in Portugal at this time is not eating. Completely disappointed, I've provided to negotiate with him, Andrew, in English. Agreed about some goat meat and was going to order wine, but then the owner said something like- March for a table!

Then he politely came up to us, as in the best houses of Philadelphia and Paris, and kindly inquired, what shall we drink. We said in unison Porto. He looked at us almost with contempt, and said: – "Porto drink before meals, and during the lunch drink wine". Ilya said in Russian: - Yes, he went to the Fig, we drink Porto!

However, the red Porto was not, and still took dry red wine (to the delight of Andrew). Then the owner brought us a dish of roasted goat and potatoes. We were upset because it was not so large (for three ordered portions). The meal stretched on longer, as brothers shared every piece, but when the food ran out - the owner brought the second of the same dish, only the meat there was and a half times more. It was barely finished, after which he was asked to bring in a third dish. We refused, and then, seeing the score, I saw that he included in it only two servings. However, each such portion of the worthy Gargantua!


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In the end, after the lunch we went too full to cheerfully twist the hill. However, he had to! From the pass it was possible to observe a large number of "wind turbines".

In General, the pass wasn't too steep so it quickly coped with the rise, then firmly rolled down, breathing in the crisp pine air and enjoy the surroundings. Here for the first time saw a cow with long horns, probably specially genetically modified Portuguese Inquisition for butting infidels...

In the II century BC these lands were occupied by Roman legions, which used the technology of growing grapes and has created a network of roads. Therefore, the national Park Pineda Geres you can still see the Roman road signs.

And then we caught sight of the village of Peneda with its old Church of Nossa Senhora da Peneda ,built in the late 18th century. And beautiful was not so much the temple itself - how many stairs leading to it.


I write these lines and I can't remember what exactly day I complained Ilyukha that Moscow leave work at 6, and here to 8 pedaling. Maybe this?


The Church is very organically fits into the surrounding rocks.

Stairs lead down from it, and it was not clear where on the road. (as it turned out was)
so we turned back to ride along the river.

The difficulty passes and weather adversity there is always brightened up a bottle of port wine:


We tried to get into camping, but it was closed, and we stood in tents near the river. This evening of food was very little, because we have not heard any shop. Bathed, and to keep warm after usehave lizouli port, which was already too small.



By some miracle, we happened to have a pic, and it's only because I bought it by mistake instead of salt. Shame on me, as learners of Spanish, because azuro is actually Fig. Of thrown rice freeze-dried meat, fraternally divided all that was left, and this time, thank God, do not overeat.


That day we drove about 85 miles, but I'm so tired that I fell asleep.