The threshold Nedoma



At the end of his story wanted to say a little about the philosophy of the bike.

It is no secret that in our country, unlike other civilized world, the rapid pace in the process of motorization.

Everyone is trying to buy a car and drive it day and night for any occasion. It is considered like a useful, prestigious and status.

Only in Ufa, the increase in the number of cars on 60 000 a year. Of course all this happens to the detriment of all parties living in the city. Rapidly deteriorating environment, the comfort of the residence and movement of citizens as not having a car and without it.

The cars fill the life space of a person outside of his apartment.

To some extent the car is a cocoon in which a person separates and isolates itself from the outside world. A kind of mechanized kennel, from the warm insides where so cool canine and barking at others, as the car creates stress and aggressiveness.

The bike is the exact opposite of that.

According to a UK survey, the image of the cyclist is associated with such traits as:

1. Activity. It's all clear to drive a couple dozen miles on the car special effort is not necessary, but in order to do this on a bike, you need a good sweat.

2. Contemplation. People choose the Bicycle because I want to see as much as possible, they do not like bike lanes in gyms, they need unity with nature or society, or both, depending on where people prefer to ride.

3. The originality and creativity. It was for this reason that bikes are of different shapes and colors, and their owners eit is just a joy.

4. Confidence. These people don't care what people think about them pedestrians and motorists. They choose sports bikes, city big or folding bikes based on their own needs and not the majority opinion.

5. Attention to their health. If all people knew the tremendous benefits stories bring to human health (improved lung function, better your blood circulation, normalize metabolic processes, leaving the varicose veins, exercise muscles, burn off unwanted fat), that were transferred to them in droves.

6. A healthy sense of humor and a penchant for introspection. I hope all read of Norway's Erland Lou. - "Pull yourself together at last.
Keep your eyes and stop being so damned proper. Erase from the faces of his disgusting smug smiles and take the bikes. Only if we all ride bikes we will have a chance!"

7. Concern about the environment. Every intelligent society appreciates those who choose a bike. But alas it is not the Russian.


I'd like to believe that their illustrated stories I multiply the number of those who choose Bicycle.


"When I see an adult on a Bicycle, I worry for the humanity"
(Herbert George Wells)