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Distance: 65 MILES | Weather: Sunny (soundtrack)


Our last day in the Crimea it was decided to dedicate the trip to Aypetri. Nelegka without velorjukzakov.

On the mountain I raised last time about 15 years ago and I also was interested to see how things are there. To rise we wanted at the tramway, and descend its course on the old Royal road.

Go light a pleasure) it Seems that the bike has attached wings. Probably the same feeling the astronauts in weightlessness, when the Earth's gravity ceases to act on the body. Well, almost, too)

To get to the lower cable car station by road, or much nicer on the Royal trail, originating near the Livadia Palace.

The sun trail (the Royal trail) is one of the most famous Crimean trails, connecting Livadia Park with Gaspra.

It goes through Oreanda, past mountain peaks Cross, Ah-Nikola, rocks Hachla-Kayaksy (Bald), a Pie, a variety of spas, the Church of Archangel Michael and the Swallow's nest.

Laid was in the days of Nicholas II . Despite the very difficult mountainous terrain, it managed to pave a way to avoid any significant UPS and downs, so it got another name — "Horizontal pathway". The path was made horizontal on purpose, as in pulmonary diseases it is very important that no level changes (pressure).


For 6711 meters almost horizontal (133-203 meters above sea level), no big drops, steep climbs and descents. All along the trail are landscaped with decorative sculptures and plantings of rare exotic trees and bushes, original benches for rest.

At the beginning of the trail was a wooden pillar on it and antique hand some uncultured ignoramus (unknown), sex was written with a Sharpie poems again about Valera)))



Recently, in the Crimea officially opened the first tourist Bicycle route, which runs along the southern coast. The route starts from Livadia Palace, passes through the territory of Gasprinsky village Council for a Solar (Royal) and the trail ends at the Palace Museum swallow's nest.

So we went) to be honest for the last four years of Thorpe if he changed for the worse. The route is similar absolutely not. Any characters not met.

But in General, it is very nice to go and just walk.



In Alupka everything was as before. The Palace for money. The terrace of lions is still blocked and you can only get there by paying for the entrance to the Palace. Business and nothing personal as they say. In the mid-90s I still managed to have their pictures taken there when access was free.

But again we ate in the restaurant inside the Park.


Well, finally the main evening's entertainment - cableway to AI-Petri, which was built nearly 20 years with breaks.

Mountain AI-Petri is one Izvelieties of the most beautiful places of the South coast. One of its peaks - rock will Rochamel the altitude of 1346 m above sea level.
The idea of lifting construction of the cable road to AI-Petri was conceived in the early sixties, at a time when the number of tourists on the South coast has been steadily increasing, and the consequences of the violation of ecology's fragile natural environment of ay-Petri plateau of performance had not yet.

The road was built since 1967 and was opened only in 1987.

During construction I had to change the project from that hung the ropes lay on the rocks, which for the sake of building it was decided not to destroy



Pendulum passenger ropeway protasennettu from the lower to middle portion of 1310 meters has only two suspension supports, and from the middle to the top station (with a length of 1670 meters) is unsupported suspension. Total length of the ascent is 2980 meters.

It is the longest unsupported span cable car in Europe.

First, the booth slowly floats over the forest up to the middle station "pinery", then you expect a dizzying flight to the teeth.
Twenty minutes and you are at an altitude of 1200 m! What's especially nice people with bikes let into the booth first) This gives you the opportunity to take the trump places at the Windows.


The passenger cabin is way in 15 minutes. She weighs 1.8 tons and has a capacity of 40 people. Just on the road followed by 4 cubicle. The speed of movement in the upper part of the road is 8 m/s in the lower 6 m/s . The elevation angle near the mountains is 46°. The road is made by pendulum type. Booths are oppositely directed to each other between two adjacent stations.

The trailer has 8 rollers, which rolls on the carrier rope. Load-bearing steel ropes with a diameter of 46 mm Austrian production, weighing 18 tons on the bottom and 24 tons on the upper areas.


From the top station in clear weather they see a picturesque panorama of the South-Eastern coast from Sudak to foros (about 130 km).


Over the past 15 years here a lot has changed. First of all the space around the top of the station turned into a disgusting flea market. Trade stalls, food and so forth. A Bazaar in the worst of its performance.

Everything is built so tightly that, once inside the shopping malls can not see the nature around there.

It is one kind of squatting carried out in past years, the Crimean Tatars.



In 2007, they tried to smoke hence came the Crimean riot police, there were fights what is. Somee buildings were demolished. But the result was not.

Three years have passed. On a plateau Ah-Petri Shalmanov only increased. Despite the fact that the SES regularly conducts visits there and even, as stated by Crimean officials, closes the diner, they are unsinkable feces float again on the surface of the plateau. Thus pollute the environment and water, which uses Big Yalta, and bring local budgets penny

The President of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Crimean Republican Association "Ekologiya I Mir" Victor Tarasenko clearly called the "issue price" of a civilized use of plateau - it is possible to lose just over two decades.

On Ah-Petri there is no running water, Central sewage and treatment plants. All luxury amenities are closed to the sump, and the water brought in cans

Scientists and environmentalists of the Crimea insist on giving the plateau AI-Petri protected status. According to the environmentalists, the human impact on ay-Petri Yayla destroys it, as the water sump.

Shallow South coastal rivers, disappearing sources, and the result is a dry famous relic forest on the southern slope of the mountain, which in turn leads to soil erosion and irreversible landslide processes. As a result of active settling plateau tourism and gambling and entertainment business, South coast of Crimea will lose its recreational appeal, as the climate will cease to be curative.

We squeezed with the bikes through the market and ran into another business item. The trail to the famous apatinska of zubchatki was blocked - sat a man and collected for 20 hryvnia for entrance.

The desire to go to the highest point of these places have disappeared, and great scrambling on the rocks was not very



After half an hour enjoying the high-rise views pushed to the descent to Yalta. To the right of us was blue Black sea, and to the left stretched the famous Yayla - highcogorno plateau.

The average altitude of 1200-1300 m above sea level in the East to 600-700 m in the West. The highest point on the plateau — mount doom (1346 m, is located in the extreme North-East of the plateau


In the distance are visible the domes of the Radar station on the mountain Bedene-KYR. The height of 1301 meters above sea level. Bedene-KYR in Turkic — Quail mountain.

It is a tracking station for the air and space was built during the Soviet era. Now belongs to Ukraine.

Huge balls made of a dielectric material and close the antenna of the radar stations of space communication.


At all times of the year for ay-Partri case of heavy winds. Their speed sometimes reaches 40 m/s In 1947 was a record for Ukraine wind speed - 50 m/s.

Before the war the strength of the AI-Petri winds was going to put at the service of man. Electroaerosol installation, which was to provide electricity to the settlements on the South coast, was designed by the famous Ukrainian theorist Yuri Bondarchuk, the same which, prior to the beginning of the space age calculated orbital parameters of the spacecraft for flight to the moon, subsequently served as the theoretical basis for the American project Apollo. Wind power station on AI-Petri was supposed to supply 10,000 kW of electricity. On the mountain Bedene-KYR laid the Foundation on which you had to climb the tower, designed by N. In Nikitin, who later became izvestnym as the Creator Moskovskogo University and Ostankino TV tower.
However, the wind power station on Ah-Petri has not appeared. After the death of Ordzhonikidze, who supported this project, work was suspended and so subsequently not resumed.



Immediately behind the village Hunting begins the descent to Yalta for the famous road - serpentine numbering about three hundred turns.

The road Yalta — AI-Petri — Bakhchisarai laid Russian military battalion from 1865 to 1894 in difficult conditions. In honor of the builders set "the Silver gazebo", Pediculi with an amazing view of the slopes of the Yalta Yaila. And at the exit of the road to AI-Petrisko, where the rock is named in honor of engineer I. S. Shishko, who led the construction of the road.

At 17-22 km, the last stretch of the climb the slope is made up of 60-80°. Colonel Shishko, who led the work, solved the problem, "punching" the serpentine on the slope. Since the road serves people without any changes, its just extended in 1912-1913 (during construction Romanovsky highway) and covered it with tar.

The descent took about an hour. I've never previously went down. And even could not assume that the descent can be more tiring than the ascent. But the feeling is fabulous) Especially when you're overtaking cars carefully fit into another turn. On the bike to do it easier. Although also need to be careful.

In the end my hands were buzzing from the constant tension and pressure on the brake lever. The wheels noticeably hot, though molten state that they reached in the Norwegian mountains is not reached.


In the evening I was planning to re-walk the night Yalta. But Andrew has categorically odzala - whether tired , or even what the reason. In General, he fell on the side, and I went alone. And in General, do not regret it. First went into the city, like the places where the rest of childhood with my parents. Virtually nothing has changed in 35 years.

Then on the promenade, listened to street musicians and watched the fireworks at sea. Fired from a ship standing at anchor in the Harbor.

Back in our little room around two nights. Everyone was asleep. The gates were locked. Called a Friend on my cell - not available. Screamed through a crack of silence. And the court AgnesYong high metal fence with peaks at the end of the and gate are the same. Hesitated for five minutes - to do nothing will have to climb) Shook old. As of yet managed not to run afoul of marvel pins is still given.



The next morning I went to Simferopol. Train tickets in Yalta could not buy. In our field, walked only one train in it year round.

Kuzmin began to worry. He wanted to work, and the prospect to spend in the Crimea is still some time plunged him in horror. Hope was the capital of the Crimea - there types transprt more.

To get I decided on the famous Crimean trolleybus. Generally speaking, the trolley is one of the best public transport is economical and environmentally friendly. Throughout the world, they are widely used. In Crimea, the God ordered to use it.

The Crimean trolleybus — a unique system of long-distance trolleybus linking Simferopol with the resorts of the southern coast of the Crimea, the longest trolleybus system in the world (86 km from Simferopol airport — 96 km). Since 1959 operates.

Until the end of 2010 the bulk of the fleet were cars Škoda 9Tr and Škoda 14Tr.

State enterprise "Krymtrolleybus" received the diploma "the Ukrainian Book of records" as the company operating the oldest trolleybuses in Ukraine . Most Škoda cars were manufactured in the 1970-ies, and their average age was in 2010, 25.7 years, despite the fact that the manufacturer's service life is limited to 14 years.



In 2010-2011 "Krymtrolleybus" received 103 modern trolleybus Bogdan production of Lutsk automobile plant.

At this Bogdan we were going. Well, a good soft trolley, but worse than Skoda unambiguously. The speed of he smaller. And in Generale it is similar to the trolley in the usual sense. But Skoda were like buses - there's no feeling that you're riding on the current.