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About the benefits of hairdressing

If I hadn't been himself, that was probably started something like this "....As you know, all the best in the world happens spontaneously. So I went to the Barber to get a haircut, and came out with the idea of Cycling.

And all because this dude klatsat scissors over the ears luminary Ufa of the Russian Internet Andrey Kuzmin, whom I met in the Barber chair. "But since I'm just a boring old Scandinavian Troll , then it was a bit different. Cutting hair in contrast to dental treatment is quite pleasant and relaxing pastime. This chair really was, and sitting in it, I , as usual, blissfully indulged in all kinds of thoughts - about the nature of life, the vanity of all things, that love lives for three years and that hair cut in something akin to oil.

Despite the fact that my classmate hairdresser Sasha constantly complained about his fate and his profession and expressed the intention to change occupation, the last twenty years I have consistently every month, I had the pleasure to get a haircut from him. Hair it's a constant source of income! What else can compare to that? As oil is extracted from the bowels of mother Earth and hair from the depths of human heads)

Any other activity subject to UPS and downs, fashion, technical or political conjuncture and TP and at any time may terminate its existence. But not the haircut. It will always be there until at least one person on the ground. In my opinion all great lessons associated with periodic human needs. The haircut may not be the most profitable - but certainly one of the most consistent ways of earning money.

Well while I was thinking about ways of earning money came the way of their good to spend in the face of my adamovskoe buddy Andrew Kuzmin, who some time ago, I very wisely advised me to trim her hair. So, met by chance, we decided to continue such a pleasant encounter in the vastness dear to my heart of the Peninsula of Crimea. Find good companion Cycling trip is not always a simple task.

A good companion is like the truffle - it takes a long time to search and dig) With Andrew I never went because there were some concerns about compatibility, but I'll tell you that they were in vain. Truffle got out scoring)