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Again the perch and it's not that...

Distance: 5 KM (AND the WALK) | Weather SUN (soundtrack)

It is fantastic to see the sunrise in such a spiritually uplifting place. I could not resist again and got up early to take pictures of this beauty.

To Perch was on the doorstep - especially as we chose the shortest way through the vineyards of Sunny Valley past the Cape Meganom. Stop in the Sun Valley village to the company store did not. Kuzmin I heard about the price of the Black Doctor - so refused to do it.)

Parwan Alushta for 100 rubles was dearer to his heart.

Sun valley is one of the sunniest places in South-Eastern Crimea: the average number of clear days here more than in Yalta and Sudak (average about 300 per year). And thanks to the ring of mountains surrounding the valley, there remains a constant climate, much like the desert – hot, dry summers with virtually no precipitation (total precipitation of 200 mm per year).

Indeed, in recent years, solnechnodolinsky wines made from indigenous grape varieties were established not very adequate prices for consumers. If 350 p for the Black Colonel was still possible to tolerate , 800-900 rubles per Doctor seemed overkill (in Russia it costs about 1300 R). Although the wine is certainly one of the best if not the best I've ever tasted in my life.

In Soviet times, the wine is called Ruby red , then it was renamed, but still it was relatively cheap. Now let him not only farm Sun Valley, but Massandra (since 2004). But Massandra doctor is not a real doctor - because the grapes what Kara and Kara Javac grown near the village of Marine on the Massandra vineyards have a completely different taste and aroma.



The grapes of these varieties can grow on the southern coast of the Crimea, and in other regions, even in other rePublico. You can get one dessert fine wines, but to repeat the composition of the wine "Black Doctor", its organoleptic features in other soil and climatic conditions, even using the same grape varieties impossible. Wines of other areas will differ significantly from the unique properties of "the Black Doctor".

Decisive role in formation of taste, bouquet and color palette of red dessert wines phenolic compounds play. Wine brand "the Black doctor", JSC "Solnechnaya Dolina" is more enriched with phenolic complex than the red dessert wine other brands of Crimea: the total concentration of phenolic substances in them is 2640-4480 mg/dm3, the percentage of polymeric flavonoids is 57-59%.

The color palette of the wine "Black doctor" is dominated by red hues, the contribution of which to the total intensity of the paint is 67%. The bouquet of the wine is characterized by bright and rich fruit and berry range with its participation in the composition of the aroma of 50.2%, reaching in some samples 100%

. A distinctive feature of the range of tastes of the wine "Black doctor" is somewhat increased, compared to the other brand of red dessert wines, tannins. Features aromamassage complex wine "Black doctor" compared to other wines of similar type occur in higher concentration of volatiles, particularly esters and higher alcohols.

The differences in the chemical composition of the wine "Black doctor" are the result of combined effects of climatic conditions of cultivation of grapes, the varietal composition Sepia, the traditional technology of wine production.

The vineyards of JSC "Solnechnaya Dolina" is located in the South-Eastern area of Crimea, in the kozsky valley, where annual average sunshine hours SOSconsists 2270±80 hours (over the period 1993-1997 GT) and is the highest in the Crimea. The sum of active temperatures is in the range 3820-4060°. The effect of the varietal factor is determined by the fact that the grapes used are native varieties enriched in phenolic components and characterized by low autodependencies and peroxidase activity.

Technology of production of wine "the Black doctor" involves the contact of solid and liquid phases of the pulp, it spirtovanie and long alcoholized infusion of the pulp. As a result of comprehensive statistical processing of experimental data by factorial and discriminant analizowane a range of indicators of chemical composition, color and organoleptic properties of wines of the brand "Black doctor", JSC "Solnechnaya Dolina", reflecting their unique quality due to climatic, varietal and technological factors.

Like many red wines, "the Black doctor" has radioprotecting action, P-vitamin activity.

Contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, a rare organic acids and biologically active substances.

"The black doctor" has a beneficial effect on the condition krovenosnyh vascular atherosclerosis.

According to the ancient belief, since ancient times, this thick red wine from indigenous varieties what Kara, Cevat Kara, kefesia etc. were used for the loss of the man of blood, exhaustion and loss of strength. Soldiers returning from the battlefield, always gave this wine! The wounds of the soldiers were washed and smeared with wine, high bactericidal properties which contributed to the rapid healing. Tart wine with a high content of tannin quickly "tightened" wounds.

Starting from 1888 and 1899 near the villages Tokluk (Bogatovka), thanks to the boundless, tireless energy of the enthusiast of Russian winemaking and viticulture of the Prince L. S. Golitsyn, has created a unique wine cellars "duration", which became the property of the son of the last Chancellor of Russia - A. M. Gorchakov.

Vintage cellars for the production and aging of dessert and strong wines became the prototype of the subsequent factories based by L. S. Golitsyn in Massandra and a New Light.

"The wine has poison and honey , And slavery and freedom , the Price of wine does not know the one who drinks it like water" - written in the wine cellars of Sun Valley



The whole valley between Meganom Cape and Alchak - built Tartar skovteknik - squatting site. Interestingly in 4 years nothing has changed - nothing is being built , bird houses are not demolished.

From 1990 to 1996, the Crimean Tatars were captured by 21.2 thousand hectares. In the subsequent two years this trend has gone on the decline, the total area of squatting was only 1.4 thousand hectares. From 1999 to 2001 in squatting, according to reskomzema of Crimea, there has come calm. Then new wave to 2008. The financial crisis dropped demand for land and squatting down is almost not there.

Apparently, the Crimean authorities are not yet able to restore order in this matter. But the Crimean Tatars and continue to damage not only the territory but the ecosystems of the Peninsula. The sad fate of the ay-Petri plateau in the area of cable car, I'll tell you later.

Here the consequences of hasty the national and migration policy. I would not like of course, instead of Union resorts to a couple of tens of years of the Turkey, only less civilized.

By the way Crimean Tatars like wine and vineyards do not care deeply - they are not a drinking nation. Cut down all the roots)



In Sudak we quickly came to the street Biryuzova - where to rent a house the easiest. And voila - found a 5-minute walk from the sea, nice room for 160 rubles a day - right at the gates of the military sanatorium of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Who knows where it is - understand that we are fucking lucky) As usual, telmacom was made by Andrei - a young girl - the niece of the hostess quickly gave up under the onslaught of his charisma.

We quickly showered and sat down to lunch in the private restaurant right in front of our home. Delicious and inexpensive. However, eat out in the coastal zavedeniyah city in the evenings - it is rotten. More vile feeding and deception than in Sudak there is nowhere else in the Crimea.

In General, of course this device for short-legged Asians) never know where to put his feet

Perch was full of people, despite the mid-September. Weather contributed to this. It was hot as August.

A walk along the promenade and swim at the free beach under the fortress. Unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the process of collection of money, gaining momentum from year to year. Wanted to show Andrew Park rest home perch, which is called the small Nikitsky Botanical garden. There was a wine cellar with tasting. So the way was stopped by a healthy unit and demanded either a pass or 5 USD for entrance. Before such was not. Andrew flatly refused to pay 20 rubles for the pleasure to contemplate the arboretum and offer to climb over the fence somewhere, too, was rejected. Not Royal like the case) Well, okay. But a ride on the Ferris wheel.

And in the evening partook of the nightlife of pike-Perch, which hasn't changed in 4 years. Even the repertoire of artists in the cafe remained the same. But by far the Koktebel rest)

But to me it's all so fed up that I could not understand as before we rested for 2-3 weeks in this Sodom.

A song about Valera too) Although two of Valerie that caught us earlier on the road nothing wrong we did not.


The next day was dedicated to exploring the New World. Podrobno not going to dwell on its beauty and history. All this has already been described earlier



As usual I rolled about for an hour on the rocks at the Cape of Kapchik. Next to the hole. He was littered with stonemi 4 years ago after the earthquake - so it is now. Why it is not clearing it. Access is closed. But from the sea you can climb inside.



The second half of the day was given over to gluttony of all kinds. Digestion was facilitated by a young rosé wine sold in the shop of plant of sparkling wines. No worse than the champagne in my opinion - only almost no gas)