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Distance: 15 MILES | Weather: Sunny (soundtrack)


As well not in a hurry) not to get up at 7 am to prepare Breakfast and to assemble a tent... But on the other hand there is nothing good - all Amancio. It relaxes and throws with the marching rhythm.

Andrew definitely wanted to see the embankment of Koktebel in the light of day. Well, visit a corporate store with wines.

It was. For two hours we went for a walk and to eat. Chose the kind of disgusting canteen on the beach. It is not cheap. I especially remember the cooked squid with the smell of unwashed cloth for the table. Even fragrant wine did not help to fight off the corrupting taste of the hellish brew.

Still Koktebel - my second nelyubimogo city in the Crimea. Uncomfortable he is. The spirit is lost.



Lunch finally gathered their belongings and left the hospitable abode. We were on our way around the reserve Karadag. Actually there is only one road.

In the reserve I was for a long time - in 2000 the last time. Unfortunately the bike will not pass. Is there a strict protection regime. But on foot with a guided tour there once you get to enjoy the majestic views of volcano preserved from the Jurassic period .

With the development of human civilization and tourism society is forced to close from the public the whole territory. Another way to preserve nature is not.



Kara-Dag translated from Turkish and Crimean Tatar language in Russian means "Black mountain".

The total area of the Karadag is more than 2.8 thousand hectares of the massif is Placed on the ledge of the coastline between the mouth of the Otuz valley in the South-West, and Koktebel valley in the North-East. This powerful group of mountains is a small chip gianttion of the volcanic massif formed 150 – 160 million years ago in coastal waters.



The contours of the cliffs of Karadag, you can see different shapes: a lion, a Warrior, Sphinx, Elephant, Frog, Falcon. Rock "Ivan the robber" rises above the sea at 60 meters. The appearance of the silhouette of this rock on top is like a man walking waist-deep in water, in a high peasant cap, with a knapsack on his back. A secluded Bay, sheltered behind a rock, called Predatory.

From the sea robber Bay covered with rocks, and therefore a small vessel, who had taken refuge in it, completely invisible from the sea. It is possible that there could be hiding a pirate boat.

The biggest attraction of Karadag is the famous rock of an ancient volcano and its symbol - the arch, standing in the middle of the Bay and named by analogy with the gates of ancient cities of the Golden gate of Karadag. The old name of the rock the Shaitan-Kapu — devil's gate - I do not remember. According to legends, here is the entrance to the underworld.

And Pushkin, travelling through Taurus, made a sketch of the Golden gate on the margins of the manuscript of "Eugene Onegin". Karadag e, sung the works of K. Paustovsky, Marina Tsvetaeva. A. green, captured in watercolors Voloshin, in the paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky. K. Bogayevsky

Around 17 o'clock in the evening rays of the setting sun fall so that the backlight only that rock, and it lights up for a few minutes the fiery bright light. The yellow color is provided by numerous lichen covering the rock. I once saw this fantastic painting. To observe it only from the territory of the reserve and not from the sea.

Well, the story of the Creation lies outside the scope of our campaign. So as I wrote we skirted its North-Western side. And from the village of shchebetovka turned to the sea. Before Shchebetovka is a place where all time selling the grapes from local vineyards. 

In predvkushenii tasting fleshy Chaush I rushed ahead of his friend for once. Up the hill he went slowly this time me - apparently the rest still went for him.

Chaush – high quality table early grape, with very beautiful appearance, with its characteristic variety of a thin, nutmeg type flavor, local fresh consumption. Ripens in early September.

However, to our great disappointment it is not okazalos. The choice of the grapes was generally extremely poor. Auntie said a bad harvest this year. Semi-basement a little, and had eaten it. Had to take Moldova ordinary.


Quiet and cozy village Resort (biological Station, shchebetovka) is located near Koktebel , in the coastal valley, surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges of Kara-Dag volcanic massif and the foothills of mount Echki-Dag. The place is very nice. Would recommend for families with children. There is the hustle and Habilitate that is inherent in Koktebel or Sudak. There is an aquarium at the biological station located at the foot of Karadag.

Is beer Simferopol "Crimea" at the lowest price we've seen in Crimea - only 7 hryvnia per Cup (28 rubles). Beer is not for children of course.

In my fastidious taste it's the best beer in Ukraine. Used to be quite good Obolon, Chernihivske, but now has deteriorated. Crimea and the beer remains good always - since I can remember.

In memory surfaced in 1994. The City Of Sudak. Small boats every day returning to port with their catch of sprat (local anchovies). It was possible to buy and dry yourself on the clothesline in the boarding house. And the old, old Soviet boozer on the shore with standing tables, unkempt and dirty. Vacationers the men with mugs of beer "Crimea" and the sprat on scraps of newspaper. Now none of this is neither sprat nor pubs. But the beer remains) And as shown by the tasting was not worse.

Beer "Crimea" buy only here in Crimea) It's real - without using any type of crap maltose syrup and preservatives. Perhaps this is why it can be drunk without internal shudder. Another quality Ukrainian product)



Our way lay in the direction of the Perch on baregu via Fox Bay. Earlier, I got there in two ways, on the dirt road starting near Shchebetovka and directly on the beach. But 4 years ago it proved to be difficult because of the rockfall destroyed the trail. We then had to work hard to overcome this phase with the bikes.

This time God sent us a third way. Not exactly God and the local textile that said, you can just climb over a hill called the lighthouse with a height of 130 m. the Type is garbage and easy.

There we went. Garbage was oksalis quite stressful. In a couple of places I had to click on the help Kuzmina . On a narrow steep trail with a large elevation angle of force to push a 30 kg weight is not enough. Once sworn never to carry so much cargo in these places.



Pity about the hardships of the climb was not necessary. Height of the mountain the lighthouse acrylate wonderful view of the coast.



The descent is sometimes easier lifting. But the feeling of flying worth it.



Lisa Bay we were met as usual by the mountains of garbage, and a bunch of all kinds of cafes and shops. Once wild place has long been commercialized. N this example, it was possible to clearly see what happened to the Karadag't close it for free.

Our citizens will probably even foul up the Church. But the nature is the temple of God

The length of the Fox Bay is approximately 4 — 5 miles. On the coast of the Bay is a ridge of Echki-Dag, Thuon translated from the Crimean Tatar means "goat mountain". Echki-Dag has two peaks: K. O. Kush-Kaya, "Turkey rock" — 570 meters and Kara Both "black hill" — 670 meters. Mountain Echki-Dag is one of the highest in the County. The name of the Bay is likely derived from the word Bald (the surrounding mountains), which is then magically transformed into a Fox.

It is no secret that this is a favorite place of recreation for naturists. Here beggar resting different segments of the population of the former USSR. We went there for the sake of curiosity, and because this Bay were the best places on the black sea coast for wild recreation.

But we have oksalis in the Bay at sunset. Shadow Accidia almost covered the narrow strip of pebbly beach. It was cool and all naturist to our great regret dressed. No Boobs so did not see that day.

But I have met another Valerie))) is ridiculous. Full of stoned kid greeted us with cries of Welcome to the Fox Bay!!!

And volunteered to knock the bike. What bill completely unnecessary! If not for that Valera - I would go for Kamke sea three times longer. Pebble - how the bog was covered with heavy rear wheel. Valera harnessed as a Hauler and pushed my bike all pocti 4 km away.

Andrei walked by himself - but it was clear that it is not easy, despite the ease of the bike and Luggage. Valera carried some sort of utter rubbish, play it is not possible. I in process of forces supported him - trying to not fall off , but still pushed my bike back. From the outside it probably looked insane))))



In the end, and Valera could not resist. The rest of the way to the end of the Bay had to do it ourselves. In General, the coastal path is severely degraded in 4 years. Stones became more noticeable. Edie hard. I stripped a couple of times in blood, trying to keep balance and bike.

Soon it seemed Kinogoda. The so-called sham construction for the filming of the movie built here 10 years ago. Alas, apparently only after you have removed the protection - all carried off. From buildings remained only one goal. It's amazing how everything can be looted for 4 years. All the stones are even claimed.

Every time you wonder how thin the line between civilization and savagery of man. Looting is just Nacionalna hell.



It was getting dark. And we decided to stop on top of one of PRIBREZhNYKh hills. I offered to go down - away from the wind, but Andrew as ysegda insisted, and it turned out well. Great view in both directions. A delicious dinner brandy and good conversation - what more could a weary traveler want.