Island Sweden

A fire in the middle of Stockholm

Relatives threw us by car to Uppsala, so we do not waste time on uninteresting way. And after spending the night again in the same camping Fyrishov, the next morning we travelled to the ancient capital of Sweden, Sigtuna

Fireshow is in the North of Uppsala. And because the path ran through the whole town stretched a string along the river Fyris. On its right shore we were heading up to the track.

Parallel to the river put the dirt path on which walking or running people. In a couple of places there are points of bird watching from a wooden tower. The Swedes love this case.

Then half an hour away by road and here we are in beautiful little colored town, once the former capital of the entire country

The former capital, Mall of the Vikings, the first Christian city in Sweden, the largest collection of rune stones, a UNESCO site

The city was founded according to various sources, Eric VI the Victorious or Olaf Shadowrom approximately 1000 Archaeological data indicate, however, that buildings existed in the area much earlier.

In the past — one of the most important cities in Sweden, political and religious center in the era of early Christianity, the largest shopping center in XI—beginning of XII centuries. In the 990's here, for the first time in Sweden were minted silver coins, they bore the image of king Olaf Sedonna.

In Sigtuna has more runic stones (more than 150) than any other city in the world[6]. Directly in the city is 10 runic monuments. The rest of the 150 rune stones are located in the vicinity of the city. The stones date back to the PRblithedale XI century ad

After a couple of hours in the city and paralexia on very comfortable benches on the promenade, went to Märsta.

In Märsta bought a train ticket to Stockholm, not to stray from its environs/. Train I particularly take pictures of did not — romp with two bikes takes time and effort) But the train is fast and very comfortable. With power outlets and Internet. Really enjoy the quiet smooth drive really failed. Just sat down and woven spirit — BAM he is already in Stockholm

I disassembled and Packed the bikes — but could not do this. Tickets, no one checked. 20 minutes later, disembarked at the Central station in Stockholm

The rest of the day was devoted to shopping. More shopping devoted himself to my companion, and I sadly and hopelessly went out with her at numerous boutiques. Watching the process of gradual approximation to buy necessary things. Huge distance)

Night was falling and it was time to think about the night in my secret place) itself invisible to the prying eyes of the point of the island Garden. That's where we went. Park still lived and was full of vacationers.

Garden "Djurgården" or South Garden "Södra Djurgården" is an island or district included in the municipality of östermalm in Central Stockholm.

The present name of the island - Valdemarsön,but the name of the district became so widespread that it is used when referring to the island. The area of the region Gorden is 279 hectares of land and 183 ha of water, and the coastline covers almost the entire border of the district and has a length of 10200 meters.

<p>the highest point of the island - mountain Skansenberget height of 46 meters. Today it is an ethnographic open air Museum - Skansen. By the way, the Northern part of the mountains are covered with beech trees, planted here in 1820. Famous island and its longstanding oak trees, planted there for the construction of the Swedish fleet. Their ages ranged from 200 to 400 years, and the circumference of the trunk sometimes exceeds 5 meters.

Oak "Prins Eugens ek" stands in the Northern part of the Park and is considered one of the veterans of Gardena. Its height is 21 meters, and the circumference of the barrel 920, see the Age of this oak is estimated at 300 – 400 years, although rumor has it that it is more than 1000 years.

In addition, Gordene are such well-known sights of Stockholm, the Museum of Junibacken , for deisel and lovers of the tales of Astrid Lindgren, which sank in the 16th century and then raised and restored the ship "Gustav Vasa", now converted into a Museum, amusement Park Tivoli gröna Lund, the Museum Nordiska — North Museum, the Palace of Rosendal, built for the first king of the dynasty of Bernadotte, Karl XIV Johan, and Waldemarsudde, a country estate of Prince Eugene, who became one of the art museums of the capital.

In may 2013, the island opened and the Museum of the legendary Swedish gof the group ABBA. All of this is adjacent to Djurgården with hectares of wooded Park and a small harbour for yachts.

This Park was a salvation for crafty travellers who do not want to pay many euros for a bed in the center of the Swedish capital. A place that I found 10 years ago, toured the whole island in search of the most secluded area where you can break forcon without much risk of being discovered.

Turning from the Hiking trails we went deep in the wooded area, climbed to the desired height. I walked in anticipation of a delicious dinner and a relaxing sleep. Suddenly — horror of horrors — ahead flashed fire. If we were in Russia this phrase would not be anything strange. But the fire in the center of Stockholm, where, in principle, prohibited open fires in the spring and summer months, akin to the arrival of aliens. Shocked I stopped for a moment trying to understand what this means. Then continuing the movement saw a shaggy unshaven man who took my hiding place. He had a small fire blazing at his feet.

Apparently it was some homeless (at best) and we decided to spend the night away from prying eyes. What to expect from him was not clear.

In the end, I decided to get up close on the hill. The place is much worse and the tent of there visible to passers-by. But the choice was not. It was getting dark. We first ate dinner with great appetite), No homeless people could not kill our veloppent and divine taste a variety of Swedish food. Well, porridge is taken from Russia, too, went well

When it became dark we put up a tent. Our neighbor heard our muffled voices at first hiding, then stood up and looked in our direction. Perhaps, too, tried to understand who we are and what he is at risk. Then sat back down at his campfire. He slept under the open sky

I slept quite peacefully. And my niece later admitted that he almost did not sleep a wink — I was waiting for when we come to this hairy man. Even John was afraid of)

But all went well. We didn't interrupt each other.