Island Sweden

Bathing riders of the red horses

The morning was warm. The sun was warm in summer and local people flocked to the beach considered to be located near the site of our overnight stay. Well, we also decided to paratransit. Having collected the baggage and the tent was moved to the sand. The swim was certainly not particularly comfortable. The water was 17 degrees.

I must say that the summer across Europe turned out to be cool and rainy. Until mid-July was actually autumn. We were lucky that we started our journey from that moment.

In the second half of July the weather in Sweden has not adjusted if the temperature of the precipitation. For all the time of our trip it rained twice.

Swedish aunties no fear of cold water for half an hour and dabble their bodies in the waters of Mälaren. We just ran and plunged back)

To go hell of a way, but we had already purchased for the day after the tickets for the ferry to the island of Gotland. And delay is a special reason not

Half a day we were a little lost on the outskirts of Stockholm, stopping in interesting places or shops. Landmark hospital of Karolinska University in Huddinge. Huge ultra-modern medical complex

The weather gradually worsened. And when I finally found a turn towards the lake Getaran it started to rain again. My niece fell into a slight depression from this in General it is traditional for Scandinavia of fact. But depression perfectly cured by bananas and chocolate) Even Carlson knows this technique. It helped in our case.

After half an hour we found ourselves at the entrance to the Park is the Lido, where I actually tried. It wasn't late, but the weather is whispered to stand overnight. The lake beach is very well suited for ethat

Getaren lake in the area of Botkyrka It is 4.3 meters in depth, has an area of 0.72 square kilometers and is situated at a height of 32.3 meters above sea level .

The lake belongs to the lake system of river Cigam .

On the coast it is a reserve of Lida (Lida) and the leisure centre with cottages, places to fish and Golf. There is also a small beach, but which was our second night in the tent. Next — toilet with hot water. A very nice bonus after a cool riding day.



In good weather there is a lot of people. But in this day we were completely alone)

The weather towards evening became worse. At first, settled down to dinner under the open sky , but slanting rain drove us inside to finish cooked dishes I had there