Island Sweden

Milk, buns and rural pastoral

As went the day before very early and woke with the first rays of the sun. The weather was great. Was finally in the warmth of summer and you could throw in the jacket and pants. All favored a long and quality pedaling full of sensual and physical enjoyment of nature, food and unexpected encounters

The road South runs along the sea and the scenery in places is very picturesque. Involuntarily slow down your running, to visually soak up all it's divine beauty. To the port city of Klintehamn drive slowly for a half hour.

From the point of view of a tourist, this small town is interesting in that from the port depart boats for the two Islands reserve the Stora Karls (Stora Karlsо) and Lilla the Karls (Lilla Karlsо)

Islands, about which speech goes further, very little – but because those cities do not have them.

To store the Karls can be reached by boat from Klintehamn. To overcome the 6.5 km in 30 minutes. A one-way ticket is € 37.

The island area is 2.35 km2. It is shaped like a rectangle, and its landscape is a plateau in the form of a horseshoe. The highest point of the island lies at a height of 51.6 m above sea level. The Western part of the plateau — Marmorale, which towers over the sea at 45 m.

Stora Karls formed from the rocks of the Silurian period, age about 400 million years. The sea washed the cliffs in three dozen caves, some of which are deeper than 20 m.

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This neat and nice island to spend the night in the hostel or in the old lighthouse. However, you will have to pay for a fortune for such Spartan conditions (€ 100 for the room and another 10 on top for linen), so it is logical to come in large numbers here for the day. But, if you're lucky, will hear or even see the pride of the island of penguins. Here is one of the oldest reserves in the world.

Lilla-the Karls – area of only 1.6 km away. This is the most favorite island of the gotlanders, which is also open in summer. It is full of penguins, sheep, sheep and sea birds that are not afraid of people

To visit the Islands was tempting. But with the bikes is problematic — boats is quite small, and the price space for that distance. Because of limited sitting on the dock with a light snack.

A favorite pastime of milk and cinnamon rolls. This time I decided to take the local Gotland milk. Milk is very nice with a fresh taste and a hint of herbs.



But I usually take lactose-free — it puchit stomach and as it turns out it is much more useful than the traditional

Whole milk does not protect against osteoporosis (brittle bones) as previously thought, but on the contrary, people who drink too much milk are often at risk of fractures and even die prematurely. This is indicated by the results of the study of Clinical medical center, Oopsale carried out on 110 thousands of older patients in three regions of Sweden: Uppsala, Vastmanland and örebro.

According to scientists, the problem of whole milk, unlike other milk products, such as milk or cheese, that it contains lactose, which is processed in the body into galactose. Substance, as shown by experiments on animals, leading to premature aging and death. In humans, as evidenced by the blood in the course of the study, to the emergence of the so-called oxidative stress, which in particular contributes to the development of inflammatory processes.

Negative results were noticeable, particularly in older women who drink more than three glasses of whole milk. The death rate was two times higher over the study period, compared with those who drank daily by one Cup.

"Gotland – this is not Sweden!" — according to local residents, keeping in mind the soft and pleasant climate, the measured rural life, long sand dunes and the unique charm of the middle Ages, which once lingered in these parts, and decided to stay permanently.

The rest of the day we spent to move from the Western tip of the island on the East. Through endless fields, small villages and towns. Stayed only to drink a coffee or to visit the Museum of vintage labels and things.

At the end of the day, stayed at a great and inexpensive camping Aminne long sandy beach and a small pool inside. About our tent happened to the individual table and this evening we ate like civilized people.

Great campsite . There are plenty to choose from . You can place in the forest ,on the banks of the river , which separates the campground from the sea , and campers , if fastened on electricity . A lot of places in the shade , and plus the sea is constantly blowing a refreshing windOK . A lot of people , but on the head of each other, no one sits , and there is the feeling that you are in the anthill.
Economic unit : 2 full plate ( 4 burners and oven ) , a few washers inside and 6 outside , 2 refrigerators , where you can always find a place . Building with toilets available , shower card . For me it is a very convenient system - arrivals threw themselves on the card of the planned amount of time/money , then as needed replenish . For the card we take a Deposit of 50 kroner .