Island Sweden

Sochi and its surroundings

The morning of the third day was cold. Over the lake drifted a foggy haze, but through it appeared the sun. The day promised to be wonderful. It was 12 degrees heat

The way for our fragile legs would not close. A straight 60 km and a curve indefinitely.

So along 73 highway connecting Stockholm and nynäshamn is a great bike path. But to go next to the road boring and uninteresting. Because I chose a more ornate way past fields, forests and lakes. On the way across small attractions, like the traditional Swedish runic stones with inscriptions in red paint

And of course near each lake camp was made. Actually, it was two — Grindsjon with a jetty and a swing on the beach and Muskan which had a little stray in netremote forest. I even began to fear he was lost, but soon after the forest paths brought us to the right direction

On the shore Muskan after eating wild raspberries lay down to take a NAP. The lake is very pretty. There are a lot of berries and mushrooms. On the southern shore town of OSMO , through which the railroad passes to Nynäshamn. There is a Golf club and old Church.

Got to the port at around 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Time to send the ferry at two in the morning, it was still a small car and truck

Sochi (the Swede. Nynäshamn) is a port city in Sweden, situated in Stockholm County on the southern tip of the Peninsula of Södertörn.

Has a ferry connection to Gotland, of Gotska sandön, Polish gdańsk and the Latvian Ventspils.


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In Sochi come pretty huge cruise ships. They do not approach to the shore, and stop a little distance. For disembarkation came up with the pontoon pier SeaWalk, which greatly facilitated the procedure.

The design of the bridge allows to increase or decrease its length depending on where the ship anchored. The maximum length of the "ladder" is 260 meters. Width is 4 meters, which allows you to skip a small wheeled vehicle - this will facilitate and speed up the loading and unloading of garbage

The cost of construction is approximately 500 thousand euros. Manufacturer and developer is Norwegian Cruise Venture Ltd.

The town overall is quite boring — special and interesting objects, besides port there. But there are stunningly beautiful surroundings. We hunker down quite far into the Peninsula after turning from the asphalt road.

In the district the many small coves of the rugged cliffs and pine forests. In good hot weather it is possible to hang for a few days for a swim or just wander through the surrounding idyllic places.

Along the way there are absolutely cozy family cafe , Lowhagen (Lövhagen) combined with a hostel, where if you want you can eat or just relax. My niece in the yard saw growing wild Melissa and I secretly pulled her to the evening to brew tea. Coffee we also did not fail there to drink. The situation possessed

Annually on 4 October, all Sweden celebrates national "tasty" holiday – the Day of cinnamon rolls (Kanelbullens dag).

Kanelbulle is such a twisted bun, it is made from long strips of pastry (and always only in the fresh yeast), and then rolled into a ball and sealed the sweet sticky-buttery syrup, which is added cinnamon. But soft, sweet delicious cinnamon rolls – Kanelbulle is not just a Swedish delicacy, in this country, they are literally a national treasure and a symbol of the Swedish Kingdom. In any supermarket, corner store, in a small bakery and a gas station – they are sold almost everywhere. The Swedes eat them everywhere, on holidays and on weekdays during Breakfast and snack.
Kanelbulle — a National treasure of Sweden, the symbol and quintessence of the Swedish way of life — absolutely the biggest bun!

I also adored. Every year, literally waiting for a trip to Sweden and I imagine as I sit at a wooden table overlooking the sea and eat a Kanelbulle with a liter of the freshest Scandinavian lactose-free milk)

The entire archipelago near Nynäshamn cut Hiking trails. Here you can walk for several days admiring the beauty of the southern Baltic. Near the cafeteria by a long narrow isthmus there is the beach Knappelskär

Peninsula Kapellskar a sandy beach is 150 meters long, surrounded by various picturesque rocks. A lot of places for nudists, and there is also a small mountain with Breaausim sea views.

In summer the ferry to the island of Gotland is quite expensive. I bought tickets in advance non-returnable type for night flight. This is done on the website

The task was where to crash before midnight and preferably a NAP. For this ahead of time I looked for a place where you can pitch a tent.

To the West of the town of scenic paved path runs along the coastline and places to spend the night there. I chose the closest to the port that night in the dark less to pedal back

On a small rocky hill was held on our Parking lot bounce) I even decided not to put up the tent. And when it got dark we just left the foam and wrapped in sleeping bags, fell asleep for a short time, until the alarm is not raised us in the middle of the Scandinavian black night. It was time to get up. We waited for the island of Ingmar Bergman