Island Sweden

An ode to Scandinavian food in pictures

About the cheese, I already told you, but other dairy products Sweden is just gorgeous. Here's an example

Cottage cheese KESO is a useful product that can be mixed with cream. Its mass is formed into granules, containing a small amount of fat (chlorinator). This form allows the cheese to retain nutrients longer and not spoil. It's great that it is sold without the cream as we have. The variety is fantastic.

Also, cheese Keso grainy bears vitamins a, B2, B1, D,PP, E, C. They are part of enzymes – natural catalysts. Without them there is no one molecule building material of the cell. In it than cheese, less calories and more milk protein casein.

Regular consumption of it in food, gives a person good health, strong bones, a healthy white smile, prevents the development of depression, allows you to resist emotional stress and adverse conditions.

And another kind — the cheese Kvarg — dairy product with creamy texture