Island Sweden

The Island Of Faro

A good night was. Slept soundly. In the morning went into the kitchen, camping, cooked a meal together and slowly drove North. In an hour rode around the town Slite

Throughout the island there are old windmills. But they are as monuments of history. Although the strong wind blowing on Gotland and now used in the agricultural sector — wind power.

Gotland, like no other place suitable for the production of wind power - is surrounded on all sides by water and practically devoid of any hills, the island does not create any obstacle to the winds from the Baltic (although in Visby found the perfect way to protect from wind - the city wall is a protected medieval houses from this natural phenomenon).

The only drawback of such power plants was that they spoil the landscape, but was soon found an effective way to "fight" with this "monstrous" flaw: the plants were placed directly in the sea. This, of course, more, but, on the other hand, the sea you can build a larger power plant, the winds are definitely blowing stronger here - hence, these plants can produce more energy, and that perhaps is the most important (at least for tourists), mounted on the water wind farms are not "ruin" the landscape.
Today in Sweden, there 590 wind power plants, 18 of which have sea views. Many are located on Gotland, mostly in the southwest area of the islandand, in Nesodden (Näsudden). Here is quite windy and not so many buildings - just what you need! Wind energy is most promising and environmentally friendly.

A trip to the store in Sweden for us Natasha is a special treat. I immediately in the cheese Department. She is in milk. Her specialty curds and yoghurts. Good varieties of them in Sweden the sea.

This smetanopodobnogo of Quarg and cottage cheese of Keso , but more on that later. At the exit of each supermarket has a machine to receive plastic bottles

In Sweden when you buy drinks in plastic bottles and metal cans are charged separately packaging. Then the container can pass. Condition is the integrity of the label and container forms. A special device reads the bar code on the bottles and provides a check that can be cashed at the store checkout or use as payment when purchasing goods. Since this dirty business, to take the empty bottles next to this machine there is always the trash can for empty packages, which were brought Tara, plus a sink to wash pen, and paper towels to dry. Is seen everywhere taking care of customers!

From the beginning of 20-ies of the 20th century Slite lives mainly due to the cement plant. Here, the biggest number of jobs across the region. Factory continuously modernizarea, and now the Cement (Cementa) is one of the most modern plants of Europes free system cleaning and processing. Outside the town is a huge cement pit, which can be photographed. There's like a viewing platform. Can still the Swedes from any nonsense to make a landmark

Virtually all leisurely we drove along the Northern part of Gotland avoiding the busy roads. Special attractions there. Just fresh air and open spaces.

The third largest lake Fardume träsk - located in the North-East of Gotland. It is known for its exoticism. Here is a Paradise for ornithologists. On the rocky shores of the lake a lot of blueberries, high moss, bog rosemary, cranberry, cane, white moss.

Close to Fardume träsk found a pit filled with poisonous water in blue. And though the local guys there in full flounder is how we decided not to follow their example.

By five o'clock p.m. we reached the Northern part of Gotland. In Farsund was a ferry to the famous island handicap (Faro)

The island of Faro, which is home to only about five hundred people, located close to the island of Gotland. Through Fårösund Strait separating the Islands, you can get a free ferry ride. The island of Faro, where there is almost no infrastructure, is very popular with tourists.

On the island with an area of just more 111 sq km has several attractions, most important of which are bizarre forms of the rocks "rookery". High rocks resembling columns or towers, rise on local beaches, creating lunar landscapes. These creations of wind and water appeared in the glacial period.

To the attractions of the island are a nature reserve of Tigerhood beach Sudersand. As well as a beautiful lighthouse and Museum Director Ingmar Bergman

On this day we again stayed at the campsite. But before we left their bones along the way I stopped to watch a very interesting object — a club, a restaurant in the style of the 50s, the time of Elvis Presley.

Thomas Lindholm has acquired private property the old farm Broskogs in Friggars on the island of Fårö. From the barn, he staged a night club, which was given the name Kutens Bensin. A rather unusual place for a club, but that he attracts the visitors. There are concerts of popular artists, organizes a "night Fårö" and other entertainment events. Kutens Bensin was considered a cult place, known far beyond the island

Camping Sudersand is one of the most popular on Gotland. Because it is located near the longest beach on the island's Sudersand Beach

After payment at the reception threw things and are great in a scarf and went for a walk on the beach. We only lasted until half) Very long

There's plenty of room to put up a tent for free)

Shower in the camping fee — CZK 2 per minute), I basically had two minutes to two times to lather. Natasha remembered once met and one) Fantastic speed

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When registering at the campsite had to buy so-called camping card Camping Key Europe (CKE) , it is not populated. It costs 150 CZK and is valid for a year. Such maps are needed for campsites merged into one Association across Europe

It is accepted in 20 European countries: Belgium, great Britain, Hungary, Holland, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden.

This card is a photo ID. When you're in camping, it is enough to show this card, because it also is nominal and it will be spelled out name and other required data for registration.

Camping Key Europe is a discount card to stay in the campsite. Price discounts will depend on the specific camp and its conditions. For example, you can get a discount of 2-5% on accommodation in tents or in the free sauna, BBQ facilities, rental equipment, etc.

As with the map of Camping Card International holder of Camping Key Europe card provides discounts on ferries, amusement parks, paid Parking, etc.

For camping are not included in the Association card for settlement are not needed

As for getting the plastic card requires CKE 2 weeks I was given a temporary card with an expiration date to the end of the year. But the original plastic and has not been sent) Maybe this should live in Europe