Island Sweden

The views of the Swedish capital

Room rates included Breakfast at the buffet) Not so rich as on the ferry , but it is quality and variety. The last moments spent as a white man. Ahead of us was waiting for the tent and cooked porridge in the pot)

I suppose I can't call any familiar person, besides vegetarians, who doesn't like bacon. And it is not surprising that he became one of the most popular products in the world, especially in America and Western Europe. In the end, what could be more delicious crispy bacon for Breakfast?

Only possible minisociety fried meatballs or kotbullar (köttbullar) with cranberry sauce is a favorite food Carlson

"But then he saw a Baby basket and instantly pressed the button on his stomach. The motor roared, Carlson swiftly dived out of bed straight to the plate of meatballs. He hurriedly grabbed a meatball, then hoisted to the ceiling and making a small circle under the lamp, happily began to chew. -- Delicious meatballs! exclaimed Carlson. -- Extremely tasty meatballs. You'd think they were doing the world's best expert on meatballs!.. But of course, you know that this is not so, he added. Carlson again dived to the plate and took another meatball."

This day was planned two things — the first is a visit to the Globen Arena and the funicular on it. Fortunately it was situated in the vicinity of our hotel

Globen — a favorite attraction in Stockholm. And not so much because it is one of the world's largest spherical buildings, where prestigious competitions in various sports as well as concerts of world stars.



The largest spherical building in the world, a venue for concerts and sporting events. Arena is located in the district Globen city, created especially for her. Has a capacity of 16 000 people during the concerts and 13 850 during the hockey matches.

The arena was opened on 19 February 1989. Represents the Sun in the Swedish Solar system, the world's largest model of the Solar system.

"The sun" in this model is the Ericsson globe, the largest spherical building in the world, located in Stockholm. The terrestrial planets are also in Stockholm, the giant planets are located to the North of the capital along the Baltic sea. Besides the Sun and planets in the installation there are also some satellites of planets, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, TRANS-Neptunian objects and the boundary of the heliosphere.

The authors of the project, physicist Niels Brenning and astronomer He is DIN. Scale construction — 1:20 000 000. The project is "alive", that is, at any point in the installation can be switched on new heavenly bodies.

For example, mercury, Mars, Earth, and some other "basic System objects" was established in 1998 and grit of the asteroid Saltis was included in the composition only in 2010.


2 Feb 2009 the right to own "Stockholm Globe Arena" has acquired the Swedish bodieskommunikacionnoe by Ericsson. Since then, the arena became known as the "Ericsson globe".

Dome-sphere "of Globen" is composed of 48 curved steel columns. The inner shell of the sphere consists of aluminum grid, the outside of thin metal, lacquered white plates with a thickness of 140 mm, is laid out exactly in the aluminum lattice. Additional support for a fragile dome providing the pipe-pillars also made of aluminum. The diameter of the arena is 110 meters.

Stockholm globe Arena is visited by thousands of tourists, to ride the funicular to SkyView.



Actually for this attraction we have sent your wheels in her direction

It was opened in February 2010 was opened on the South exterior side of the arena, carrying visitors to the top of the arena. SkyView consists of two gondolas, each of which can accommodate up to 16 people, which move on two parallel tracks. With a height of 130 meters, you will discover the stunning panorama of Stockholm. Skyview gondolas depart every 10 minutes and the whole journey up and back takes 20 minutes. Issue price of 10 to 13 euros ( children — adult). Before the trip people seated in medicinesa which shows a film about Stockholm Globe arena and the cable car

View from the top is beautiful of course, but since the arena is located far from the center of Stockholm, the particular prospects out there. Only in the surrounding neighborhoods. And it is a bit disappointing)

The second act of the ballet marlezonskogo of the day was a trip to Drottingholm - Palace-Park ensemble in Sweden.

It is located on the island of Louvain in the middle of lake mälaren, near Stockholm. Since 1981, the residence of the Swedish kings. In 1991 Drottningholm was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

An hour and a half leisurely drive through the outskirts of Stockholm and here we are. The Park around the Palace is free and a visit to the internals worth the money. Had to fork out. But to be honest it was the first and last time when we visited the Swedish palaces. It's not worth it) After the inner decoration of the palaces of the St. Petersburg local look very pale

Since 1981 the Palace is the permanent residence of the current Royal family. Its members live in the southern part of the Palace. However, the Palace itself and the Park is mostly open to visitors all year round.

The Palace laid the unique style of the French Baroque Park, a significant part of which has survived to the present day. Sculpture in the Park — the works of one of the greatest sculptors of the North-European Renaissance of Adriaen de Vries.

In the Central part is a fountain of Hercules, with bronze figures by sculptor Adriaen de Vries. All bronze sculptures in the Park are works by de Vries and in Sweden they got as war booty in 1648 from Prague, and in 1659 from Fredriksborg in Denmark.

When leaving the Palace I dropped my camera. An afterthought, went back and ,about happiness, what the Swede already got him and returned it to me) Thank you

A further way lay through the fields of the suburbs of Stockholm. And then on the ferry we crossed in the area of Slagsta. The night I wanted on the lake Malaren and preferably free) If I cannot find a Parking space nearby located one of the two campsites city Breeding.

But as usual Providence has brought us to a beautiful beach near the area of Satra. Of course I had a little stray and to travel back and forth) As without it. I must say that I go exclusively with paper maps and do not use the Internet and guglmaps. This introduces an element of variability and uncertainty in the final result because the maps are not so detailed and accurate.

And the adventure is for what and go on trips) And precise satellite maps adventure turns into a routine following a precise target designation.

The highest point of the area is Sätra berg mountain with a height of 71 meters above the sea level. Interestingly, at the top of the mountain since 1969, is a water tower "Sätra vattentorn". And most of the scenes in the famous Swedish TV series of the 90-ies of the "Tre Kronor" filmed here.

This time I found a gorgeous place with a table and fire pit. Right on the water and near miniboom at the foot of mount Satra