Island Sweden

Swedish relaxation Ostade

Two and a half days we spent in Ostade — host Marina and Kent. Which surrounded us truly Swedish care and attention) Ride around the country a bit and also along the river by boat. They often fish directly from the boat, but we've done this

One day we spent on the trip in a very beautiful and atmospheric place — a resort area on lake Siljan

The town of Leksand (Leksand) and the adjacent village of Tällberg (Tällberg) is located on the southeastern shore of lake Siljan (Siljan). Leksand is famous for its hockey team Leksands IF, as well as the largest in the whole of Sweden the Maypole, popularly known as Gropen. To celebrate the summer solstice here every year more than 30 thousand people.

A little further along the coastline Siljan between Leksand and Rattvik is the village of Tällberg. This is probably one of the most picturesque and touristic places in the region. Here are eight hotels and spas in different price categories, however, all are decorated in a traditional rustic style.

Tällberg is one of the few remaining in Sweden, places where all the buildings are still made of wood. Many houses are painted the traditional dark red paint, produced, in Dalarna, from the pigments remaining at a copper mine in the town of Falun (Falun). In addition to the numerous hotels in the village there are many cafes, souvenir shops and art galleries.

During the tourist season in the village there are traditional feasts and festivals, which provide a continuous stream of adherents of event tourism. The greatest number of guests visiting the resort during the celebration of the Dalecarlian Christmas.

Again noted to myself how tedious a drive compared to Biking)

In General, it's great to live near a forest , where berries so much , that although oblique mow. We hand an hour have collected together a huge jug of five pounds. And professional collectors of berries and make this with a blueberry comb — a special device to accelerate the process.

Every year in Sweden to pick berries migrant workers come from different countries. The price of the berries varies depending on the crop. The most expensive berry — cloudberry. It is small and it is harvested entirely by hand

My niece loved it. I saw how her eyes lit up at all) But my holiday was too relaxing. Lose Cycling strength) And really want back on the road