Island Sweden

Strigns and Uppsala

Morning at the campsite started with an excellent Breakfast which includes one of the most delicious Swedish cheese

Fantastic four

Cheese Grevé® was created rather late, in 1964. However, this cheese has a characteristic nutty, slightly sweet taste, perfectly blended in the classic collection of Swedish cheeses.

Cheese Svecia®, featuring fresh and juicy rustic flavor, traces its history back to the 13th century. Svecia, which translates from Latin as Sweden, is still produced according to their original recipe. A Svecia cheese was awarded the name of national product (the product that carries the quality of the place where it is produced).

The history of cheese Herrgård® began in 1786 in the castle of Martinchel (Marsvinsholm) in the South of Sweden. During cheese production, a sample was taken of the Swiss Emmental cheese. The taste of the cheese Herrgård® is characterized by thin and crisp nutty flavor.

About Präst® I described earlier

The next morning we went back to Gripsholm. Just in time for its opening and toured the castle inside. Went just for the money look at the pictures and interiors. As it had Drottingholm

In addition to the famous Gripsholm castle you can also visit the House of graphics and interesting railway Museum.

And even better, from may to September, a ride on the old train route Mariefred — Taxinge-Näsby , at the end point also has a castle. Generally castles in Sweden, business as usual. The cars and the train itself as much as the original 1890 — 1920. It is not expensive, back and forth from 90 CZK.

line-height: 24px;">you Can take a historic ride on a real steam train!!!!.


And then went to town Strängnäs

Strängnäs is located in Strängnäs municipality in the district of Sodermanland on the shores of lake Malaren. The city's population is approximately 30,000 people.
Strängnäs has a rich history and tradition.

Among the monuments to our days preserved Cathedral, built in 1291 and the Catholic Church.
The city is situated on hilly terrain, surrounded by rich flora and fauna. Ancient monastery near Strängnäs was built in 1250 and plays an important role from a historical point of view. In Strängnäs is one of the oldest schools and educational institutions in Sweden.

If you walk from the Cathedral of Strängnäs to the city port, you will stumble upon the old town district with its many wooden houses. This area is located on the hill on top of which stands a mill, and the hill offers a wonderful view of the city.

Well, then we boarded the bus and drove to Uppsala. Way to her completely uninteresting and mostly runs on highways. So I decided not to waste time on pointless pedaling. Of course if I was one of the question about buses was not)

In Uppsala I was repeatedly. The city youth and lively. Lots of bikes) the Traditional detour of the centre with a visit to city Hall ended with a stop at the only camping of the city firiseam (Fyrishov)

It was located in the city. There is a sports and entertainment complex. Concert hall and sports fields. And the campsite is not crowded and inexpensive. About 1000 rubles per tent