Island Sweden

Rain, coffee, blueberries

The morning was gloomy. It was felt that soon the rain will come. Therefore without delay I Packed my bags and tent as long as they're not wet.

We didn't have time to ride the streets of sleepy Uppsala as the rain still loaded. Otherwise, a continuous Scandinavian rain.

The purpose of the day was to get to Hedesunda , where she lived, my sister Marina and her husband Kent. If I was one that just would go a hundred kilometers was in place) But with a little niece, I decided part of the journey done on the bus. The more the weather was not in favor of the pedaling

By purchasing a ticket to the town of Tierp we have an hour to enjoy the quiet. And the window drumming rain. In Tierp I accidentally found out that this bus goes to Soderfors — and so we are still at 20 km was selected to purpose the finger is not striking for this)

In Soderfors I dragged things in the shed bus stand and collected while disassembled for transportation bikes, some local drunks out of kindness tried to show my niece how and where you can easily go to the toilet))

Rain ran in earnest, and we took refuge in the local supermarket. Here you can pass an hour or two, wandering between the shelves with food — and there you see the sky and brighten.

And so we did. In addition, found the gun with cheap delicious coffee. And sat for another hour sipping it.

But the evening inevitably approaching, and the rain did not end. Had to make a decision to go all the same. From Soderfors to the village where she lived sister was about 20 km

Wearing all my waterproof gear, and drove off. Ironically, when we have already passed 90% of the roads — the rain began to fall and soon the sun came out

When we turned off the highway towards the river Dalgalon and drove through the picturesque deserted track , has absolutely cleared up. The forest was a sea of ripened blueberries. A sin was to miss the opportunity to fill his belly vitamins

Finally we reached the goal) And waited for the arrival of the sisters on their beautiful pier