Island Sweden


Helsinki greeted us with a cool morning, drizzle and fog. It was 14 degrees Celsius.

The Lux Express bus came right on schedule at 6am. Recently I use only this company. Their buses are very comfortable and virtually no wait at customs. Passing the queue. Inside there is a toilet, complimentary tea coffee and water. As well as a personal monitor mounted on the back of the chair. There can be parasite on the Internet or watch a movie from their DVD library. Really need to have my own headphones) if you need sound

Buses arrive at the Central bus station of Helsinki — Campi. It ogromny Megastore combined with shops and restaurants. The day you can wander inside.

Without thinking I went to the beach. Near terminal ferry company Vikingline there is a small Park where a beautiful view of the Islands, the seagulls and the expanses of the Baltic

Many times there was, but every time I get a new batch of fun from it all

My companion strongly freezing) and pinned everything that could be of clothing. To sit in the cold for special needs were not. To pedal still warmer. Helsinki was still asleep and roll on him the empty streets was a real treat) Especially if you drop in on your way to the store and buy all the sanctions of food the body has long been starved

First cheese! Armed with food and travel)

For lunch it suddenly cleared up. It was a sin not to take advantage of the sun just peeping and not lie traditionally on the grass of the Park Kaivopuisto. Drinking lactose-free milk with scones and nibbling nuts pecans

Happiness don't last long. And soon the sky again tightened. A cold wind blew from the sea. Was coming, something dark and water.

Hastily gathered went to wait for the ferry into the first coffee shop)

Speaking of Russian tourists with pleasure buy this drink is in the country – moreover, that coffee is the most popular purchase there along with the cheese

Coffee in Finland is not so much tradition, how much habit and even addiction. The Finns, according to statistics, drink more coffee than anyone else in the world – about 12 large cups a day. However, they drink weak coffee (kahvi), which is more like the taste of Americano. Finns rarely use the drink with the additives. Finnish style is nothing extra - only the coffee, so in many cafes not even the usual separation of Americano, espresso, latte, etc.

Instant coffee (pikakahvi) Finns drink very rarely. Coffee is often prepared in drip coffee makers, the water is passed through ground roasted coffee beans held in a paper filter.

Worth a few words to say about the so-called "Scandinavian coffee roasting" - light brown beans and a tranquil, mild taste. On the back of every pack of coffee in Finland there is a gradation of strength (that is, roast) from 1 to 5. Most often it is 1 or 2, so to buy a strong coffee, I have to try.

In 1876 the German Gustav Paulig founded the company. Initially the company was engaged only in import of coffee beans in Finland. Popular brands of coffee Juhla ("Holiday") and Presedentti ("President") appeared in 1929. Then, for the first time in Europe, coffee was Packed in the usual bundle. The Second world war, remember in Finland as a period of acute shortage of speciality coffee. Now in Finland, to present a pack of coffee as a gift is a sign of respect.

In Finland, a selection of coffee. The most well-known brands that you can buy in almost any, even a small supermarket is "Juhla Mokka", "Kulta Katriina", "Presidentti", "Costa Rica". The first three are the best known. This traditional brand coffee that you drink every day at work and at home. "Presidentti" is the most expensive of the traditional coffee costs about 5 Euros for a pack of 0.5 kg. "Juhla Mokka" - medium price range. "Kulta Katriina" is the cheapest, costs about 3 Euro. In Finland there are cheaper coffee, for example, from a local producer "by Pirkka", but it is not so popular. Usually cheaper coffees have a slight sour taste.

Needless to say that one of the best coffee that we have blown it Finnish Paulig. The only trouble is that, as in the case of cheese Valio them now proizvodyat Finns in Russia and probably from Russian components. A comparison with a purely Finnish analogues do not stand up in taste

The last hour in the Finnish capital we spent in the terminal of Viking Line. On the street proprotionate Scandinavian drizzling rain and drive under it doesn't make much sense and pleasure.

CheckIn for cars and bikes now produced on the other side of the station than three years ago. Had to wait a bit in the rain and wind while directing traffic deigned us to proceed into the belly of the ferry

Abandoning their belongings in the cabin, rushed on deck to have their pictures taken with the sail. The wind blew down , and the rain whipped across the face like a whip. The deck was covered in puddles of water. But still managed to take some traditional shots.