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Ruissalo - island bliss



Ruissalo is an island located in Finland, in the Archipelago sea. Its length is about 14 kilometers, to stop it for a half hour on the bus. To the mainland to get to the island across the bridge.
The Ruissalo island is a protected zone, preserved relict oak forest. In addition, the whole island is mixed forest. The whole territory of Ruissalo is a national Park. There is also a lot of mansions built in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In the University Botanical garden, visit the greenhouse, a Japanese garden. The Botanical garden is assisting the faculty of biology, University of Turku, it contains about 5000 different plants. On the island there is also a large Golf-room, five-star Spa hotel, camping.

In a picturesque place of the island is a sports and hydropathic sanatorium Ruissalo profile - diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Each year, the island each summer gathers the lovers of rock music. Here is an international festival of Open-Air, Ruisrock.

In addition to the bus, and for lovers of active holidays — bike, there is another way to get here in the summer.

Since last, 2017 from may to September this ferry or “water bus” — this year, the experiment was considered successful, and the route goes as much as two vessels, with an interval from center and to the island in 45 minutes.

At the same time, a Bicycle to take with you on Board-free than many use. The route “water bus” 4 stops, two of which — on Ruissalo island, in its Eastern part.

However, we went in oblast across the bridge. Why spend 6 Euro if it is better to eat through)

The island is worth to spend a couple of days. Many Cycling routes in the South (where we went) and the Northern part. The day is not enough to see everything and enjoy.

But we are pressed for time and bought the tickets. Because the plan was only to spend the night here.
If failed to find a place for the tent — camping was at the worst with the hated system Cfmping Key — in addition to the spot would have had to pay fifteen hundred rubles for the annual stamp their card. But luckily familiarity through guglmaps the area coincided with the expectations. And an hour later we arrived in Turku from the opposite side of the island. Where I was looking voshitelnom place with views of passing ferries and other vessels.

Though it was not as secluded. Walked there and sunbathed on the rocks people. But by the evening everything went and I put in the bushes to our tent. Before sunset, we ate a mind-blowing Finnish food , cheese and bathed bodies under the rays of the Northern sun.

If not love each cyclist to the constant movement of the Ruissalo island is the perfect place to relax completely wasted.

Bike trails around the island you can see on the map here

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