Watch your ass

The recipe right seat

Bicycle saddle under a fur coat

6 Bicycle saddles, 1500 g of fur coats, 5 onions, 100 g mayonnaise, 20 g of vegetable oil, salt.

"The Bicycle saddle to be cleaned from metal and plastic components, rinse, put on 11 days in cool salted cold water. After the time out, cut into slices, lay out on an oval dish, pour vegetable oil. The coat is well rinsed and finely chop. Onions cut into rings, put on the slices of saddles. Put on top coat, giving an oval shape, pour mayonnaise" A. Sorokin "Feast"

But if without jokes, the recipe for a good saddle is not so simple.
The concept of convenient and comfortable saddle is very different for different people.
Share start it is important to understand one thing - the saddle on modern mountain bike is not just a seat designed to support your entire weight.
The saddle is designed to support part of the weight, not your entire weight.
The remaining weight is mostly distributed on the legs, and partially in his hands.
If your feet and hands are not ready, then, the Charter, the biker carries the entire body weight on buttocks.
Here begins the problems with the saddle, but rather with ass.
And the first motive may be the desire to buy a wider softer saddle, Yes.
Stop! Remember for example, that a feather bed is not the best solution when it comes to sleep.
And the wide soft saddle this is not panacea for a comfortable ride.

Seat width

must be directly dependent on your ischial bones.
I don't need to explain what it is.
So most of the discomfort when riding occurs as a result of pressure on the soft tissue between these bones.
If the saddle is narrow, then the bone will be dangling at the sides and the load on the soft parts.
If the saddle is too wide it may cause chafing on the inner thigh.

The hardness of the saddle

also important factor. /> The softer the seat the more it gasket, bending, pressing into your crotch!
And scrapes you provided.
These saddles are not suitable for long trips.



The design of modern saddles is about the same for all.

The saddle consists of
- frame (usually metal wire curved letter "V" .They are titanium (the most expensive), chromemolybdenum and steel. Saddle with steel rails should not put people weighing more than 90kg and ride a sporty too easily they bend.)
base ( rigid or elastic plastmassa attached to the frame)
- strip (cellular foam)
- upholstery (leather, spandex or vinyl)

Leather saddles are not recommended to buy people weighing more than 80kg.
However, leather is a significant advantage over plastic: if the skin is properly tanned, it adapts to your physiology and it becomes even more convenient.
However, plastic saddle deserve attention.
Due to all sorts of tricks type of gel pads, molded cushioning layer, the original geometry, modern upper materials, many models can give you a great head start to leather saddles.

The installation of the saddle

The installation of the saddle is based on three parameters: the height, angle and horizontal displacement.

The main parameter of the alignment saddle height.
Most cyclists set their saddles too low and their knees extremely bent while pedaling.
Because of this drive in a fixed speed becomes much more tedious and harmful for the knees.!!!!
Common reason for which the saddle set too low is that most bicyclists have never learned the proper technique of entry in the slides and exit slides, and so they think that it is convenient to be able to put a foot on the ground to stabilize the bike at the time of the stop.

If you ride a mountain bike, and is able to stop, not from the saddle is a sure sign that the saddle is set too low.

Setting the saddle too low makes it difficult to transfer more of the weight on your feet, so you'll be stronger loading the saddle.
Obviously, one is able to enhance the discomfort associated with saddle.
What is the height to raise the saddle?
There are many formulas to calculate the correct saddle height, most based on multiplying leg length some taken from the ceiling ratio.
For example, use the following method:
to put your feet (without shoes) width 15cm, measure the distance from the floor to ischial bone, and then multiply this value by 0.833 (for the roadies coefficient 1.09). And the result supposedly will be the height of the upper edge of the seat from the axis of the carriage with a length of 175mm crankset.

Numerical exercises within three decimal places gives the illusion of a scientific approach, but these scoring systems are over-simplifying the problem, which involves not only leg length, but the size of the foot part of the foot is in contact with the pedal, the thickness of the Shoe sole, type of pedal system and style of pedaling.
You will not be able to assess the accuracy of the alignment of the saddle height, just sitting on it or drive a couple of times in a circle.
Understanding of this issue comes only with experience.!

Many start with setting the saddle too low.
This habit remains from childhood, because growing children almost always leave the saddle too low - not high enough for efficient pedaling.
If you spend your life ride a bike with a low saddle, have you got used to it and don't understand what the problem is... but there is a problem.
Riding on the lower seat similar to walking on bent legs.
However if you always go well, of course, all of the following is not for you:)

The human foot is such that she Naistronger in almost straight condition.
The saddle should be increased gradually and each time a little ride after that.
And when you feel that pedalirovanija when your legs start to reach for the pedals and the body waddle from side to side - it already means that the saddle you were raised TOO high.
Ideally, in the lowest position your leg should remain slightly bent.

Another symptom of a too high saddle forward offset and landing on the tip of the saddle. (Although this symptom may also be a result of the fact that the nose of the saddle is too lowered, or the distance to the steering wheel is too big).
All this applies to ordinary pedals and ordinary shoes
If you use toeclips or contact the pedal, a significant part of the effort falls on pulling the pedals up.
In this case, the saddle should be set slightly below.
Slightly lower than necessary, the position of the saddle favors high speed (the cadence).


The angle and horizontal offset

The angle and displacement of the seat forward and backward is regulated by the clamp of the seatpost.
The angle of the seat should be almost horizontal.
Some prefer to slightly raise the front of the saddle - this close increases the pressure on the groin.
Some ,on the contrary, I prefer it a little lower - and then, too much effort have to make to keep the butt in the saddle when loading the advanced legs and arms.
Therefore wrong side of the seat are often the cause of pain in wrists, shoulders and neck.

Offset seatpost to handlebar in a horizontal plane can be adjusted.
When the horizontal position of the connecting rod kneecap should be directly over the pedal spindle.
Put your foot on the pedal for 3 hours and get him to the line drawn vertically downward through the center of the knee joint (tibial tuberosity) passed clean through the pedal.
Below to increase the cadence, slide the saddle from this position forward by 1cm.
To increase the power of pedaling (mountain roads, for example) - move the saddle back 1-2cm
The simpler and more inaccurate method - secure the elbow to the front of the saddle and up to the helm from the outstretched fingers should remain approximately one inch (2.54 cm).

But it is wrong to attempt to align the closeness of the seat to the steering wheel it is in order to make it easier to reach the steering wheel - better if there are problems, replace the stem for a shorter or buy a bike with a shorter top tube frame.

Possible problems

Recently, a lot of pulicati about impotence associated with Cycling.
The essence of the argument is that rider weight is concentrated on the saddle, and be pregatiri artery responsible for blood flow to the crotch.
These problems are certainly present, but in most cases are linked to poor adjustment or poor choice of saddles, making the rider weight is not distributed correctly on the ischium.
In particular, raised too high or too sharply tilted saddle, which can pinch the artery, can even cause nerve damage.

"Nick carefully sting on the pedal and... struggling rubbed crotch on a hard Bicycle saddle, her tight jeans covered booty...."
Most bikes are equipped with the highest quality men's saddles that are not intended for women.
Coupled with the wide hips of most women it can cause sciatic bones hanging on the sides and on the soft tissue of the perineum is created excessive pressure.
In the General case women's saddle is slightly wider and slightly shorter than specially designed for men.
Although not all women requires specific saddle, but most still need them.

The material used the knowledge and experience of Sheldon brown