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Bicycle helmet in practice


"I work in a sports shop.
People bought the bike and left happy.
The next day came back with the words “handlebar hand rubs” bought equipment.
The next day came with blood-soaked bandage on his elbow and bought protection on the elbows.
Two days later came limping and bought protection on the Shin.
Something with the helmet for a long time does not come, I'm worried"

In every joke, as you know only a joke share.

So, let's talk about helmets.
In Russia there is no law that requires a cyclist to wear a helmet.
However, sitting on a bike helmet is better to wear, who knows, maybe this trip a helmet will save your life

The number of cyclists is growing in the world, and with it a growing number of traumatic brain injuries in velavaru.
But even a simple fall can injure the brain.

The brain is protected by thick solid bones of the skull, but even this rugged protection cannot always protect the brain from damage.
According to sad statistics, among people younger than 50 years of head trauma lead to death and disability more often than any other type of neurological zabolevanii, and among men younger than 35 years they are one of the leading causes of death. Almost half of people with severe head injury die.

The brain can be damaged even if the skull bone is not broken.
Many injuries are associated with sudden acceleration, which follows the push, caused, for example, a sudden stop when a moving body collides with a stationary object.

Not every one of those who sat on the bike clearly represents what the result of careless or unprotected riding. Damage to various limbs not so fatal as a blow to the head after falling from bike.

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Meanwhile, severe head trauma often leads to the rupture or tearing of the nerves, blood vessels and tissues such as the brain and are located around it.
In addition, can be destroyed neural pathways, to cause bleeding or severe swelling.

Bleeding and swelling have an effect similar to that which causes the growth of tumors in the cranial cavity.
Since the skull is not able to expand, the resulting pressure ruptures or destroys brain tissue, resulting in a shift of the brain down.
The upper part of the brain can be pressed into the hole through which it connects with the lower part (the brain stem).
This is called herniation and, in turn, can lead to the impression of the cerebellum and the brain stem into the hole located in the base of the skull (foramen Magnum) to the place where the barrel goes into the spinal cord.
The herniation is very dangerous because the brain stem controls the vital functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

But dangerous and, minor head trauma, which can also lead to severe brain damage.

Most recently, British actress Natasha Richardson, injured while skiing at a canadian resort, died in the night from 18 to 19 March in one of new York clinics at the age of 45 years.
First, the trauma the actress was not seen by doctors as serious, but then caused severe complications, which resulted in the death of the actress of cinema and theatre.


Suppose you were so careless, that still fell from his bike and hit his head.
If this happens hard enough , you will earn:

- A concussion — a brief loss of consciousness and sometimes memory after head trauma, causing no obvious physical damage
- Skull fracture — a violation of their integrity with the formation of cracks, fragments, impressions and holes.
- Brain injury — damage to brain tissue, usually caused by a direct, strong blow to the head.
- Wound of the brain breaks brain tissue, frequently accompanying visible head injuries and fractures of the skull.
- Intracranial hematoma — accumulation of blood within the brain or between the brain and the skull.

"Asphalt injury" hand , foot and broken bones heal, but a traumatic brain injury do not remain without consequences.
Among other things can occur:

- Post-traumatic epilepsy — a disease in which there are convulsions some time after the brain has been damaged as a result of a blow to the head.
- Aphasia — loss of ability to speak due to damage to the speech zones of the brain.
- Apraxia — inability to perform actions requiring the memorization of a specific sequence of movements.
- Agnosia is a rare condition in which a person can see and feel the objects, but not able to compare their feelings with the function of these items.
- Amnesia — the total or partial inability to recall recent or distant events.

I guess everyone saw what happened with the beloved people's artist of Russia Nikolai Karachentsev after traumatic brain injury.
After the accident Karachentsov was hospitalized with the diagnosis "fracture of skull, closed craniocerebral injury, intracranial hematoma".
As a result of injuries he had aphasia - lesion in the temporal lobe and the lower divisions of the cerebral cortex.
Nicholas hard to pronounce words and understand someone else's speech.
To restore his ability to communicate is completely impossible.
I do not think that someone deliberately wish yourself a similar fate.

Or here's a recent example:
Hungarian boxer Andras Nagy (Andras Nagy) died due to injuries they are in the ring.
During a training bout in Melbourne 23-year-old athlete and his sparring partner heads collided, and Nagy was seriously injured.
Doctors have recorded in the boxer's swelling of the brain, and on the same day made him the first operation, and on may 4 the second.
Nagy was put into an artificial coma, but doctors were unable to save the athlete's life.

And that is to protect the skull of the cyclist and there is a HELMET.


What should be the helmet and how to select it

Helmets are different, very elegant with lots of holes for ventilation and almost deaf, fulfills, aerosim pot... let alone brands and models are countless, as not to get lost in this diversity?
Focus will be on croccantini hats - these are mostly used by the most skiers on the Vela.
Extreme helmets for downhill, BMX track and leave behind the scenes.

Why not have a headache from woodpecker?

Do You know why woodpeckers don't hurt your brain dovev head tree.
Their skull is very densely planted and this tight fit does not provide any opportunity to the brain to move inside him.
Between the skull and the human brain (unlike the woodpecker) is a liquid and at impact, because of the concussion very likely damaging it.
Helmet on the head of the rider should sit as tight as the skull of a woodpecker.
Therefore, the most important thing when choosing a Bicycle helmet to get the size right.

Let's try a little deeper into the physics and understand the principle of operation of a Cycling helmet.
Most Cycling helmets are made from EPS foam (expanded polystyrene) or simply polyester.
Polyester material with solid structure.
It can take almost any form.
Although polyester tough material, it is easily damaged due to its structure – smallercim air bubbles.
Because of the presence of these bursting cavities is shock absorbing.

Thanks to the lessons of physics we know that any, and especially, a moving object has energy. To stop a moving object, its kinetic energy must be converted into other forms of energy.
Polyester the bike helmet is intended to absorb part of the impact energy before the impact reach the skull.
The large surface of the helmet involved in the impact, the more energy a helmet can absorb, the less there is for the skull.
And accordingly, the denser head is adjacent to the helmet, the more area of contact.
And the larger the area of contact of the helmet to the head, the less impact energy falling on a certain point of the skull.

All of the above means that the denser Bicycle helmet adjacent to the head, the better it will protect the head.
Therefore, it is important to choose the right size.

Before buying, always measure a Bicycle helmet.
- Adjust all straps so that you feel comfortable, shake head, make sure it is not hanging and not slipping.
- Try to move the helmet up and down, left and right, if it's the helmet moves with the skin, it means that the helmet sized.
- Fasteners must be tightened as much as possible without feeling discomfort.

Please note that many inexpensive helmets can not remove the inner cushion, so if you have an allergic reaction to the material inside the helmet, it can be a problem.
Note the presence of a special foam strips above the eyebrows to protect from getting sweat in my eyes, well, if they can also be removed and cleaned, otherwise greasy from sweat, aboutnor can cause irritation on the skin.

If the helmet presses in some places your head, it can also create discomfort in the future, especially for long trips.
Please note on the clasp: you should be able to undo it with one hand, if it is too difficult, look for other Cycling helmet.


When buying a Bicycle helmet, you need to pay attention to ventilation.
The more ventilation holes and the bigger they are, the your head is better ventilated, but less protected.
Missing foam would be better to protect your head.
Therefore, it is necessary to find a middle ground between comfort and safety.

Does the color on the power?

Most modern Cycling helmets are covered with a thin plastic layer.
It is made for what would after the collision, the head in the helmet can slide on the ground, quenching the inertia that helps prevent damage to the neck and head.
This layer also inhibits the main material of the helmet after the first collision, not giving him too fast to crack.
Some good models of helmets made of foam immediately covered with a layer, not covered in them after manufacture.

This layer carries an aesthetic function – it manufacturers put drawings or just paint in different colors.
What color is your helmet – it is your own taste.
Will it be suitable to the color of the bike or your eyes depends on you.
However, when choosing colors should take into account that bright, reflective helmets are more visible on the road, the Dark hats barely visible to motorists.

So if you intend to ride the bike in areas of enhanced flow, better buy a more visible helmet.
Bicycle helmet child must bbe bright.
Over the last few years made great breakthrough designer at the colorful design of Bicycle helmets.
Bright colors and stickers made Bicycle helmets expressive and noticeable on the road.
In recent years it has become fashionable to do airbrushing on helmets.



Passport data

A proper Bicycle helmet should have the necessary documents.
On the helmet have to be a tag for compliance with the standard.
In America, it's CPSC, and in Europe it's the letter "E" with the international country code. All helmets are constructed taking into account the General security standards.

By the way, Code of Russia on the European classification– “E22.
Tag with Russian certification only have Bicycle helmets AGV Italian company that manufactures its products under the brand name “AGV-polspo”.

Well-known manufacturers are constantly spending huge sums on testing and research of their products on special stands.
On the ability to amortize at impact (when you fall the impact force is close to that with some experience helmets in crash test: the sample has a weight of 5 kg falling from a height of 1 meter); on the resistance to penetration of sharp objects; the ability to retain (strength straps), and the ability to peripheral visibility (visibility in each direction not less than 105°).
On the one hand, this affects the cost of helmets, but on the other – a guarantee of security.



Everything has its end...

Unfortunately this is the case, and the helmet is also not eternal.
The most important rule - a helmet of any model must be replaced immediately after the accident.
Be careful, because on the helmet after a collision may not be visible damage.
Perhaps, however, it formed cracks, and the next time a helmet will not protect the head.

For biker sun, wind and water are definitely best friends, but Cycling helmet suppliersTSE - the first enemy.
Ultraviolet radiation has a detrimental effect on the plastic, which basically made a helmet, it becomes less durable.
On the protective properties of a Bicycle helmet have a negative impact and changes in temperature, sweat (corrosive plastic).
So cyclists, redlawsk the iron horse only on the weekends, it is advisable to buy a new helmet every two to three years, while more active cyclists - more often.

According to studies on average even tidy biker in danger of getting into an accident every 7000км.

Head injuries – the cause of 75% of deaths occur each year cyclists.
One of the medical research shows that a Bicycle helmet can prevent 85% of injuries of the SKULL of the CYCLIST.
In some countries there are laws REQUIRING the wearing of helmets by cyclists.

However as we know any study can be customized for the desired result.
It would therefore be unfair not to present an alternative point of view (very controversial), loosely translated to canadian сайтаhttp://www.magma.ca/~ocbc/hfaq.html

The authors state the following:

"We are against any laws relevant to Bicycle helmets, because the harm from them more than real use.
We do not advocate the use of helmets, but not discouraged anyone from using them.
We believe that Cycling is not as dangerous as it is usually present.
We do not wear special devices to protect the head for other common tasks, such as driving a car, when our head is at risk for much longer periods of time.
We have reason to believe that the conversations about the hats have little to do with security and more take place here as the commercial interests of the firm and style of Mrs.situ.
Really effective helmets should be of such construction and design (and ugly) that not many people would buy them."

The authors argue that in those countries where it is legally forbidden to ride without a helmet, the number of head injuries did not decrease, but the number of skiers decreased after the adoption of the law.

The history of the "helmet saved my life" basically is an exaggeration.

And the stories about lives saved because of the helmet akin to the arguments of the smokers about some mythical relative or friend who smoked and died at 100 years old.
It's too easy to assume that would be a serious head injury without a helmet.
When the helmet crashed into the trash, he may have prevented a bump or a few scratches, but if he saved a life, it would be similar to winning the lottery.

Existing croccantini helmets are not effective and even dangerous because it released at low standards.

Helmets are tested in laboratories only straight strokes.
Standard procedures set Snell, ANSI and CPSC require helmet c layout heads weighing from 5 kg to drop to the floor from a height of 1.5 to 2 meters.
If the maximum acceleration as quickly as possible on the layout is not exceeding 300g, the helmet is not certified.
Doctors believe that even a lower acceleration may be the cause of serious injuries and that the 300g level is too high.
But, unfortunately, the standards do not meneut, as manufacturers believe that the helmets with the best defense will not be sold out.
There are even opposite trends.
In Australia, standards for protection was made easier because the helmets produced in accordance with the standards did not presales demand in the market.
Manufacturers have responded to the demand rytka release "blown" hats and the production of helmets with numerous holes.
That is, the existing croccantini helmets are not effective and even dangerous because it released at low standards.

The blow to the head on the obstacle is rarely direct.

Usually after hitting the head is attached to one or the other rotational movement. To put it simply rolls up the neck.
And lukooya helmet shape only contributes to this.
An example of a device to reduce injuries from head rotation - head restraints on the seats of the car.
Nothing similar for cyclists and there should be note that the spherical helmet is more successful in minimizing the effect of rotation.

Compare Cycling with other similar actions.

Most people don't worry about a greater risk when using a car or walking.
However, for example, half of the 40,000 deaths in car accidents is due to head injuries.
But no one goes to the hats on the car.
According to the Center for Control and prevention of accidents, approximately 34% of all 56,000 American deaths from head injuries cause is the car and less than 1% bike. Pedestrians account for 7%.
Despite these facts most people think Cycling is much more dangerous than walking or driving.

The difference in perception leads to the zealous promotion of the use of helmets, in order to wear them.
Exploited fears of cyclists is that Cycling is dangerous.
The result is many people have the wrong idea about bikes and believe that a helmet is required.
Instead of actually learn the correct and careful driving.

In addition to the version of canadian colleagues will add the opinion of the British octogone Walker , a psychologist from the University of Bath (University of Bath).
He found that cyclists wearing a helmet, motorists leave the road there is less space for travel.
Thus, according to the doctor, wearing a helmet increases the risk of an accident.

Scientist found in their own skin that if a cyclist rides helmet, motorists around him an average of 8.5 cm closer.

"I estimated the number of vehicles within one metre of a cyclist, that is at risk, adds the doctor. And it turned out that when wearing a helmet machines in a three foot area by 23% more, and it's a real risk."

Website Fabaic in any case do not want anyone to impose any points of view on wearing a helmet.
Conclusions everyone must do for himself.
After all, your life is in your hands.
And only depends on you she will be happy and long, or Vice versa.

And the wearing of a Bicycle helmet, only one of the numerous hamlet of the issues that are constantly facing each person in different spheres of existence.

PS. The poster with Dr. Bush, given his quote: "it turns out Books are so interesting, some of them have fantastice