First bike

Mountain bike or "piece of iron"?

Yes, for the money you can buy a CAR(fridge,etc)!!!
The facts are and they can't go anywhere that a mountain bike is far more than a box of matches.
The problem is that the vast majority of buyers don't know why and what is included in this price.

A beginner will not feature in the window bikes for 200 to 1000 dollars, and, most importantly, will be indignant at such unreasonably high price. Human psychology is such that he appreciates in a measure of mirovozzreniya and any new event or phenomenon is looking for an explanation from your past experience and I am sure that this is TRUE.

And our experience is that we all went and I go so far on "Fireworks," "Orlenko", "the Storks" and "the Ukraine" was worth in those days below its cost (the work of socialism), and that, we, Oh, so used to and love to remember.
The same experience tells us that the bike needs to travel to the other end of the village, or to use it as an object to nauczania bags and buckets with vegetables and transport them to their own vegetable garden.
The situation in this sector of the market in our country, having existed for many years created far from complete AND VERY well-ESTABLISHED view about the use of the Bicycle.
And that really prevents people to discover a new, spectacular, fashionable, with their philosophy and way of life type of recreation and sports.

The lack of information is one of the main the sticking points for an adequate response and informed choice of customers.
The most significant factor or misconception is the opinion about the preferences of some other products, which are completely incompatible.

Here begins price comparison mountain bike, with prices on cars (the most popular and practically the only comparison).
And this despite the fact that we're not talking about bikes that cost more than 1000-2000 dollars.
Well, you can't compare products from different areas, it is IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Nobody compares prices on jewelry and a washing machine.
But if you're so eager, please, the example.
For $ 300 you will not buy a car, and what was left of it, and will regularly invest in this piece of metal his entire salary plus the lost time fussing with dirty parts, a headache and complaining wife.
Do you need it?
Do you have such a thing about prestige and purpose in life - MACHINE for $ 300. No matter what, as long as the car!

As is often the case - the purchase needs to fit in some amount of money, and this number is critically low.
And often, brutally faced with the fact of shortage of Finance, a future cyclist takes something that just looks like a mountain bike.
This is not only due to insufficient funds, and, more commonly, because of their elementary literacy.

This brazen use of the company, fake goods and do business on the bike fashion.
Unfortunately, there is also present.
Because faking all that popular.
As a result of their activities in the stores is mostly junk, which is usually referred to as "fer".

What mountain bike is different from the "glands"?

Of course now, when people became more or less understand this issue, the bike shop have less to carry outright scrap. But still bike-a piece of iron is still often found.
And that you are not wrong originally set out following the signs.

First, the price.
You can, of course, for 150-200 dollars to buy a bike entry level.
Nevertheless, it is necessary to be very careful when choosing in this price range. Beware of fakes!!!
The facts are that the bike, looking at your quite attractive but is sold for a lesser amount (usually about 120-150 dollars),DEFINITELY! will have the following significant drawbacks:

It will be very difficult.
Normal weight> ESM mediocre mountain bike pounds 13-14. And this will weigh no less than 15.

Brake handle it will almost certainly plastic, not aluminum.

Brakes will be "on the ropes" and possibly plastic (ie the wires coming from the brakes will make like a sign /\). This so-called "cantilever", which is not put on the bikes, but only on "glands". Plastic brakes brake type V-brake(i.e., as if forming the letter P) is also a bad sign.

The "glands" neither on the rear nor on the front switch is Usually unmarked cheap bikes are equipped with the initial groups of the company Shimano. Again, the labels may not be on a nice cheap bike poluchaete the seller, perhaps he will explain to you all. Only let call group Shimano, for example, Altus, Acera ,... Also "piece of metal" will be given labels such as shemano/shamano/shimana/shimanno, etc. - be careful.

On the frame is a bold inscription: cool, join, super, joy, usa, bike, mountain bike, superbike, jumper, etc.
No decent bike will not write that it is super-duper-mega-cool etc. Also beware of the labels "Made in USA". In the US only collected VERY expensive bikes, so this inscription on a cheap bike once said about his carelessness. In General, almost all manufactured and assembled in Taiwan (and this applies to branded bikes) and there is nothing wrong. Just there is cheap labor with a good quality of work.

Saddle "glands" you will like it
Comfortable, wide, the type of massive, often soft, but never leather. Meanwhile, normal saddle normal mountain Biking should cause terror: a narrow, very fragile, often - nightmarishly hard, almost never spring. However, sitting on it will not like the more comfortable than the saddle, "glands", besides a good seat reliable seat.

The nuts on Walkah wheels
Remember: the wheel attaches to the fork eccentric (such a special axle with a foot). And nothing else! Roughly speaking, you should be able to remove the wheels and adjust the height of the saddle at all without a wrench - and if not, then you met with the typical "piece of iron"

The rim on a real mountain bike shining much less than the "Nectary"
The fact that mountain bikes do not put chrome rims. Frankly, even on cheap bikes of the rim branded soft. They can only safely ride on asphalt and smooth forest paths. Be prepared for this and don't think you cheated, if these rims will bend when jumping.

Usually a mountain bike is not supplied with the jars But "glands" are almost always equipped with something bright green or crimson. Yes, a holder for the jar, too, will almost certainly be made from soft plastic.

Fall protection circuit in the form of a plastic ring between the first (largest) rear star spoke light too can be a part of the design to hardware. But not always. For example respected firm Schwinn its cheapest model mountain bike equips such rings and however it bikes can not be attributed to the "glands".

No rear shock, no reinforcing of frames, no soft (depreciation) of the plug unless a very cheap and impractical for inexpensive branded bike can not be, but on "piece of iron" - please. To the unenlightened buyer all this stuff like native mirror. On this count clever and enterprising manufacturers of "irons". That these absorbers do not work as they should (compare you with), plus a break, increase the weight of the unit and create that very important misconception about the work of the components you probably know the answer yourself. Note: price is more or less a decent suspension fork not less than 150-200 dollars.

"Well what?" - you might say.
Here I have two bikes: mountain and "hardware."
All of the above symptoms have "glands"
there is, however, the price convinces me more.
I'll have to buy all the same "piece of metal".
I'm not a professional athlete, I don't need an expensive bike, and I'm going to go quietly.
Or son purchase and what a difference in the ride, and to me what no savings - there wife a fur coat is still necessary, and the son grows up he will then choose another

Believe me, say that 99% of beginners "cyclists" or parsed in the question of the fathers.
Stop! Stop.
Think. The only positive result that you will achieve the purchase of "pieces of iron" - you will learn how not to be a mountain bike.
Because, you see, the bike, which during the first two months very moderate exploitation will break the front and rear switches, the hubs, mount the connecting rod to the carriage, bent pedals, are formed monstrous "eight" on wheels, will take off all the bearings, stretch all the wires and pluck all the nuts (by the way, what other nuts on a mountain bike?) - so, this bike will make you work with your hands (constantly fixing all new issues) and earning a new, more decent camera.

This is no joke! Do not buy "piece of metal"!

Don't buy it, even a child at the cottage - it is not necessary to accustom to bad.
Would you buy 286th computer just because the computer is needed, no money, and 286th looks exactly the same (well, almost) as the latest Pentium.
Yes indeed exactly the same - if not to include!:)