Suit cyclists

Body protection from atmospheric precipitation

Not for no secret that commuting by bike is different by and large from drive only one fact - the lack of a roof over your head.
Other differences can be neglected, because the advantages or disadvantages of these is very relative.

But when there is no roof over her head or her with varying degrees of intensity and frequency of drips from the sky.
Our planet is so arranged that in addition to solar is unfortunately another weather which, if it does not prepare in advance, can ruin all the fun of the trip.

Every cyclist in your life gets under the rain.
This of course depends on the time of year and area in which he moves.
But just to avoid precipitation hardly anyone succeeds.
Go soaked to the skin with one hand uncomfortable, and on the other hand is fraught with diseases.
But the rain will cease to be such a problem if you approach it from the standpoint for example of the glorious inhabitants of the Norwegian city of Bergen, where more than three hundred days a year it rains.
They rightly believe that bad weather does not happen, and there are people who do not know how to dress.

 The best minds of mankind struggled for millennia for ensuring dryness cyclists.
In General, we developed two methods of salvation: salvation in high technology and cunning.

High technologies involve the invention of different membrane fabrics.
Gone are the days when cotton except had nothing to wear.
Cotton, when wet from rain or sweat, dries very long, facilitates the body with a wet compress.
Having spent a lot of energy, what would it dry it can be easily supercooled and cold.
The right led clothing sewn from stretch synthetic fabric a special weave that evacuate sweat from the body and, when wet, are quick drying, well ventilated and supported comfort.

How and what to wear to a man riding a Bicycle that deposits are not left residue on the body and mood (kalamburchik out)

Waterproof equipment consists of three main components - body, legs and feet.
If you manage to cover them thoroughly, then no rain will not interfere with movement.

C the body is more or less clear enough to have a good windbreaker or jacket with a hood, which has a particular degree of water resistance.

In a long intense hikes indispensable for a bad weather jacket with a hood.
Windbreaker of a thin porous nylon , thick fabric will protect from the wind, and will allow intensive pedaling, as well delay the flow of air, but almost prevents evaporation of moisture.

For example, the jacket of the British firm Therive 5000 mm of water column (checked in the bathroom under the shower).
And jacket Marmot altogether to 25,000. It's cooler than the tents in tents.
The choice now is great.

But the simple wrap from the PIC-99.
But good cloak only for leisurely rides through the parks.
For design parasit , and still hot in it.

The idea of the rain cover is simple: it protects from rain with one hand, and prevents condensation or cyclist on the other.
This is achieved not through the use of expensive membrane tissue, but at the expense of the cutout on the sides that provides ventilation.
Bright color, which is important for cyclist safety during rain when visibility on the road decreases.
Reflective strips of material produced by 3M
The fastex buckle on the belt and special straps that hold the wrap on the hands and does not fall during movement

With legs the suns much more difficult because unlike the real torso almost resting on the saddle of a Bicycle , the legs are in constant motion.
And that moves sweat.

Waterproof pants are typically made of membrane fabric with different degrees of resistance to water (typically 2000-10000 mm water column) Despite the fact that the membrane fabrics manufacturers claim that they "breathe" (that is, removes moisture from the body) the practice shows the opposite.
At least when riding a bike.
Whether it's a publicity stunt, or simply the intensity of traffic more and the fabric has no time to breathe:)
As a result, she is almost not breathing and legs in the pants are all sweaty and stick to the surface of the legs.
Paradox - clothing designed to protect against water from the outside contributes to the education from the inside:)
Such pants are nice in cool weather, about 12 degrees when they can be worn over thermal underwear.

All seams waterproof trousers taped inside with plastic tape.

The choice in Russia is quite small (about Ufa, I generally keep quiet)

Here for example some devices that are worthy of attention:
1) Pants CYCLONE PNT (by bask)
Light membrane trousers-polyamorous for Cycling, trekking, mountain Hiking, Multisport, urban environment.
Easily Packed in your back pocket.
- Top fabric: Resist 2.5 L
- Weight: 0.33
- Moisture resistance, mm: 10000

Bike will go only in very cold weather. Extremely dense and absolutely not breathable

Compact pants made of a membrane fabric for the mul and the urban environment.
Easily Packed into attached pouch of mesh is tacked to one of the pockets.
- Shell: 2L Resist
- Weight: 0.33
- Moisture resistance, mm: 10000

3)Ukrainian diaphragm walbroke Rocket 3-in-1 double layer of lightweightth HiPora membrane fabric/EvaPora® lining-mesh.
All seams are glued sealing termrental. Hardware firms YKK®.
This model of pants designed for riding in the city in dry, warm weather, and for Cycling tours to difficult weather conditions.
With zip to fasten/unfasten the bottom part of the pants and ride in breeches (3/4 length trousers).
And unfastened another part, you can get the shorts above the knee. All the zippers are closed of the waterproof strips.
Weight in size L - 390 grams.

And another model:
Walbroke membrane of two-layer membrane fabric HiPora/EvaPora® lining-mesh.
All seams are glued sealing termrental. Hardware firms YKK®.
This model of trousers designed for travelling on the bike in difficult weather conditions.
Weight in size M - 360 grams.

4) Bike pants Hannah
anatomical leg fit
- lightweight
- Outer fabric: 100% polyamide
- Inner fabric: 100% polyamide
Membrane: Protex

Hannah is a traditional manufacturer of sports clothing and equipment for outdoor activities and daily life.
Firm Hannah is present on the Czech market since 1991.
In March 1993, the firm was converted into a limited liability company, and in 2000 in the joint-stock company under name Hannah Czech a.s.
Over ten years of work the goods of this firm which are designated by a double letter "h", have got popularity at wide weight of buyers and have won a stable position on the Czech market.

5) Waterproof pants JEANTEX Amiens


Water and windproof Cycling trousers-self-dumps.
Rahimnia long side zips for ease of taking off
Elastic pOAS
Pocket for packing pants
The drawcord leg bottom
Reflective elements
Material: membrane dry тканьТ3000 ULT - an ultra-lightweight, wind and waterproof.

4) and of course my favorite Italian pants from Sportful fabrics Nysport

If you ever acquire something from the lineup of this company - just can't look at anything else.
No wonder the Italians are the legislators of the European and world fashion.
Their products are truly ideal characteristics in terms of appearance and ergonomics.
Their Cycling products are characterized by their ability to dry very quickly - this applies to the underwear and Cycling wear.
In addition velbruck the issue of which, for unknown reasons, stopped now, the company produces excellent coats without hood
Cost from 1200 to 3000 rubles

They can be viewed on the website Sportful or on the website PIK-99, which they sell in Russia.

They are so light and compact that it is not necessary to think, to take or not to take it on the road!

The combination of t-shirt plus windbreaker allows at temperatures above 10°C do without other things regardless of the weather.
If it's cool or rain - dress for two things; heat - only t-shirt.
To +15...18°C practically does not sweat. Perfect for the changeable weather and intermittent rains.

But thanks to the firm PIK-99 Italian pants will soon find a second life
There will be a reincarnation!
Based on the product of the Italian masters designers his Peak creatively reworked and made his own version of the pants.
In sale they will appear in late summer 2010.
But we found an advance copy of this miracle of engineering thought
So to say the beta-version:)

Differences from Italian pants are not too great - the fabric Finetex
Inner pocket at waistband and reflective stripe Velcro elastic leg opening.

And after intensive testing I dare to say - they are in no way inferior to the Italian. Except that the material of the fabric a bit.
But the approach also and velvetrouge St. Petersburg company.

It turns out you need to find a ballance.

No need to walbroke was ABSOLUTELY vodonepronitsaema, the main thing that they QUICKLY dried up.

The cyclist must have at least two pairs of trousers - made of a membrane fabric for cool weather, and light permeable, but fast drying fabric - in warm weather.

Finally Shoe covers.

How sometimes hard times come when pushing for a strong or, even worse, prolonged rain.
Particularly affected are the feet.
They are under the constant jets of water and if your shoes have a peep, soon everything inside will squish and slurp. There is no worse feeling than wet and cold feet.
Many tourists wear socks with plastic bags.
It saves from the cold, but helps a little with prolonged rain. In addition, the bags are easily torn.

That's why we need specialized protection to the feet and rain overshoes.
These protective covers for the legs is not news for the global Cycling community.
Western firms have long produced them.
In his trip to Scandinavia, we have repeatedly seen a variety of models in the Bicycle shop.

Here, for example, products of the Italian company Biemme.

Wear booties over bike shoes.
Despite the rain, the spray from the wheels, puddles and wet grass on a halt feet will stay dry and warm.
For shoes under the "SPD" used overshoes of another system.
On the sole they have the hole for the lock fasteners in the back is usually zipper and through puddles not particularly like, but from the rain and the cold they protect.

But the products from PEAK-99

Velomobile designed to protect shoes from rain, dirt and splash water pod wheels.
Single layer, unlike neoprene velomobil not intended for heat insulation of footwear, but are made of waterproof fabric Neylon Oxford PU 3000 mm (the same as used for veloceprod) and also significantly higher neoprene.

Velomobile fasten the rear Velcro adjust, so they can always fit shoes tight enough.
Sling with Velcro (yellow in the photo) allows you to further tighten up the heel fit and instep of the Shoe.
Sole open velomobile hold on the Shoe through the sock and straps under the foot, so you can use them and contact pedals.

At the time, we decided to develop our own design.
Thanks to the engineering talent Renat Bikbulatov and the company "Ural-Expedition" we sewed rainfall overshoes.


Shoe covers are detachable pouch to be worn on shoes.
Matter only at the top. From the bottom (by the feet) it is not only elastic bands and Velcro to the sides of the Shoe covers in one piece.

The back design is fixed with two oponami - vertical (to the heel) and horizontal grasps the leg just above the ankle.

Material used - Nylon Oxford 5000.

By the way they were done two years before the appearance Pikovsky model:)!!! As you can see thoughts hovering in the air and picked up by interested persons.

With that said, your body and feet will always be dry.
So any rain you will be provided with comfortable pedaling.
And no rain will not force you to hide in a shelter, because this shelter will have on you.